How to Wear Leather Trousers

Leather trousers are a big fashion statement – a strong and irreplaceable trick of catching and getting everyone’s interest. However, despite the truth that wearing leather trousers is fabulous, there are a lot of things that should be taken into account when picking leather trousers especially when complementing them with other pieces. If you’re too scared to test this style until now, observe these fashion tricks on how to wear leather trousers and what to pair them with for creating show-stopping and stylish looks!

It’s all about choosing a great pair of leather trousers with a trim and design to fit your figure, something perfect for your complexion, and complementing them to particular tops and shoes to get that uncomplicated refined look.

simple white top with leather trousers

all black outfit leather trousers

The principles when wearing leather trousers are to prevent making them extremely sexy since they already are. Therefore, balancing this natural hotness might be a great idea. Do not over complicate your attire. Leather trousers don’t need to be supported with striking prints or embellished textures. Just stick to a reasonably neutral color like black. You may go all-black; just be sure to play with various textures to create depth and interest.

For the Office

blue sweaters in leather trousers collared white and black top with leather trousers leather trousers in black coat leather trousers in olive green blazer leather trousers with brown coat and boots

Leather trousers for the office are challenging. Thus, proper fit is the key. Search for a pair that isn’t too tight, or too baggy. Given that the trousers are a bold statement, be sure the rest of your outfit is simple and conservative. Team your leather trousers with your typical structured work blazer, sweater, and a white shirt, and enhance the leather with a statement bag and pumps. Or, you may finish the look with a turtleneck, topping it with a business style coat. If the dress code in your office is not strict then you may dress yourself in leather trousers with boots.

For the Weekend

leather trousers in red coat leather trousers in statement fur coat red puff jacket with leather trousers leather trousers with velvet top leather trousers matching with red and black scarf

Leather trousers were essentially made for off-duty hours, but there’s still an art to nail the symmetries. Basic styling tricks like pushing up the sleeves of a sweater, teaming it with short dresses, pairing it with a tight fitting T-shirt, and rolling the cuffs ensure an excellent fit. For the laid-back style, you may dress down your leather trousers by rocking a pair of fashion runners or converse shoes that is cool for walks and shopping. On the other hand, matching leather trousers with a trench with leopard prints will create a bold impression, making you the center of interest everywhere. Yet, be sure to opt for black trousers and complement it with a minimal selection of accessories.

For the Night Out

leather trousers with metallic boots leather trousers in tank top leather trousers in sheer top

Leather trousers can be a great option to jeans for a night out, and they’ll present an extra pop of fashion that you miss out on with ordinary black jeans. Team your leather trousers with a tank top, corset, or a silk top, and heels for an effortless but fashionable night out look. This is most likely the only case you may wear a little bit of sparkling things such as metallic accessories and jewelry. Messy chic looks can be established matching leather trousers with comfortable one-shoulder-off tops and a shorter sweater. In order not to have too sporty combinations, you may also opt for some velvet pieces as coats, embellished with sequins, beads, and completing the style with pumps.

Depending on the style you opt for, leather trousers can be exceptionally versatile. Though they can be tight and sometimes unforgiving, take your chances in teaming your leather trousers with textures and shapes so you’ll be a show stopper!




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