How to Wear Lace Up Flats

If there’s one pair of shoes that you should definitely get this summer, it’s the lace up flats. Any fashion girl would know that these are the It shoes of the season and that is with good reason. Most of the time, flats have a very simple, laidback look and feel to them but lace up flats are different. They’re dressy and edgy at the same time but never over the top. You can wear them with just about any outfit and they’ll blend in seamlessly and beautifully. If you have yet to get a pair of these darlings, check out these ideas on how to wear lace up flats.

short dress and lace up flats

cropped pants and flats

  • SHOW OFF– the best way to wear lace up flats is to wear them with something that will allow you to show them off, like a pair of shorts, a cute skirt, gorgeous dress or, if you want more coverage, cropped pants. Of course, you can still wear your lace up flats with regular jeans and all but then they wouldn’t be the ‘star of the show’ or the focal point of your look.

tan lace up flats white skirt outfit

  • DRESS UP A SIMPLE OUTFIT – speaking of focal point, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can wear with simple and not so dressy outfits to make them stand out, you need a pair of lace up flats. These are great for adding some zing and a bit of edge to your look, no matter how simple and easy it is.

shorts and lace ups summer style outfit

  • GET COMPLICATED – you might be a little puzzled but trust me on this one. The beauty of lace up flats lie in the complexity of the design. The more complicated – looking you flats are, the better. Of course, just because they look complicated doesn’t mean the really You can choose one with crisscrossing straps in front and have a zip up closure at the back for easy on and off access.

fab dress and lace up flats cute black flats

  • GO FOR A NICE COLOR – if you’re easily intimidated by the complex design of lace up flats, you might want to start with something a little easier like a black or brown pair. Otherwise, feel free to get brave and bold with your color choices. Red lace up flats scream sexy confidence while neons are perfect for summer dressing. Choose a nice color that you like and know you can wear with most of the things in your closet to make sure you get the most use out of your gorgeous lace ups.

print and patterned lace up flats pink lace up flats


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