How to Wear Hippie-Boho Fashion

Carefree, free-spirited, and wild, hippie-boho fashion is a means of expressing your personality through earth tone palette, fringe and tassel details, tribal prints, flared and flowy silhouettes, and even leather and suede fabrics on your outfit. If you’re curious about the style, or simply wondering how to incorporate it in your typical looks, keep on reading for our style guidelines in wearing the hippie-boho fashion.

hat and knee boots with modern boho outfit

patent boots with tasseled bag and cowgirl outfit hippie chic dress with knee boots camel outfit with fringe kimonored scarf with cowgirl outfit

To wear the hippie-boho fashion, start with your accessories to be the statement pieces on your looks. Fringe bags, cowgirl hats, suede bags, tasseled charms, knee-high boots, tie-band, bandana scarf, floral headband, and combat boots are some of the known bohemian accessories you may opt for. You may choose patent leather boots that scream more bohemian while adding some statement to your looks due to its glossy finish. Pointy heels or stiletto boots may look sexy and feminine, but hippie-boho fashion are more carefree and laidback that can be expressed with chunky heels or flat boots. However, if you feel uncomfortable on knee high boots, trade them for a pair of gladiator sandals in earthy shades.

black hippie chic dress boho maxi dress with fedora hat boho outfit with fringe shawl suede pants with vest and hat

For your hippie-boho color palette, stick to earthy shades or rust, red-orange, brown, camel, orange, and such. Though bright and cheery colors of hot pink, lime green, cobalt blue and such look stunning and fabulous, but too modern so they’re not a feature of the hippie-boho fashion style. Also, think of distressed denim, bone white crochet, camel colored suede, and edgy black leather that are common fabric choice in the said fashion style.

boho dress with denim jeans boho peasant dress with boots boho top with denim shorts flared pants with loose top flared pants with casual topstriped maxi dress with heels

When creating the silhouette of the hippie-boho fashion, anything diaphanous, flowy, long, eccentric, and tribal-like vibes are great. Usually, peasant style of dresses, skirts, and blouses are the best picks to channel the carefree vibe. But to make it look more modern and polished, you may look for flared jeans, tiered skirts, and flowy tops that can still create the look without looking outdated. If you don’t have any of these staples, be creative layering your classic pieces that are not supposed to be worn together like a flowy maxi dress with a pair of boyfriend jeans or denim skirt with flared pants.

boho printed dress with boots and hat hippie chic dress with knee boots and hat music festival outfit red maxi dress with hatprinted dress with chic shades hippie chic outfit

To add some dimension and interest to your looks, be creative in selecting your prints. Usually, bohemian prints are not as cheery or colorful as you may think. However, even in two-tone color, bohemian prints create that wild, carefree, and free-spirited vibe that no other prints can do. Retro floral may be present, but the design focuses on tribal patterns, geometric prints, and even abstract patterns in earthy palette of rust, camel, red, orange, and brown. Wearing the hippie-fashion style may seem daunting, but getting accustomed to its history, style, and moods can be great for you to appreciate the carefree fashion.

Whatever fashion style you’re planning to wear, always remember to be true to yourself and don’t keep the trends that don’t suit your personality. After all, fashion is a means to express your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing.

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