How to Wear High-Waist Skirt

A perfect trick for muffin top, high-waist skirts look elegant and professional that can take you from casual to formal setting. Just be careful if you have a short waist since the skirt sits high on your waist that can make your waist look especially short, proportionally speaking. If you already got one for you but don’t know how to wear them, keep on reading for stylish ways to wear your high-waist skirts.

gold skirt with sequin top

lace blouse with miniskirt leather skirt with black top leather skirt with burgundy top peasant blouse with miniskirt

If you’re thinking that all high-waist styles are for crop tops, you’re wrong. When wearing skirt and tops, always think of the hemline whether it’s mini, midi, and maxi as you’ll want your top to complement your overall outfit without looking overly sexy or overly conservative. High-waist miniskirts are great to pair with longer tops tucked in to avoid looking too revealing baring your legs and midriff at the same time. If you can go for sleeved top whether it’s a sweater, lace top, button-down shirt, peasant blouse, or any blouse with a conservative neckline is the better. You may want to add some inches to your looks with nude heels or classic pumps. Dainty ankle boots might be appropriate if you have long legs while flat shoes might work with a fluffy, more casual high-waist skirt.

circle skirt with striped top blue skirt with nude top blue skirt with yellow top peplum skirt with red top tulle skirt with tank top yellow skirt with blue top

High-waist midi skirts are more conservative styles that go best with crop tops. Also, decent tops like button-down shirts and fitted blouses work well with them. Just keep in mind that the shape is important so when choosing a top to wear with a high-waist skirt, avoid anything too big and baggy or that has no waist definition. If it’s too voluminous on your top, tuck it in for a better proportion. If tucking makes you uneasy, choose high-waist skirt without a lot of activity around the waistband or belt your waist. For instance, if you’re wearing a peplum blouse with flared hem, better go for a fitted pencil skirt or else your waist will look as large as your hips. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a peplum skirt with more volume on your waistband, go for a form-fitting top like a sweater or blouse.

cropped top with cute skirt floral skirt with white top ombre skirt with blouse printed skirt with blouse striped skirt with pink blazer striped top and printed skirt

If you want to add some dimension to your typical looks, go for skirts with creative prints. Prints and patterns can also express your mood and personality whether they’re classic, abstract, funky, quirky and such. If you’re wearing a printed form-fitting skirt, always tuck your top if you’re not donning a crop top to give you some waist definition. Looser styles of tops like chiffon blouses will still look great as long as they’re tamed. When wearing a printed skirt, better go for neutrals or darker shades on your top to provide a great backdrop for your prints or patterns. The traditional way of wearing prints is to go for one printed and one solid-colored, but you may go for wilder styles like mixing prints together if you want to.

printed skirt with white top striped shirt with tee checkered skirt with cropped sweater graphic tee with skirt

When wearing voluminous skirts like a circle, accordion, full skirts and such, always go for a fitted or tucked-in top to give you the desired shape. If you have a large chest, just avoid high-waist skirts that sit too high on the waist because you’ll just shorten your torso and the larger your bust will appear. Instead, go for high-waist skirts that sit lower on your waist, or shaped tops that you don’t tuck and can be worn without having to be tucked in.

statement skirt with blue blouse sequin skirt with striped top

High-waist skirts can also be your statement piece. Go for catchy ones like skirts with embellishments, sequins, metallics, glittery, or even bright and glossy skirts in neon color or made from a patent leather. But, you may want to keep everything simple including your accessories and top you’re going to wear with your skirt to avoid competing with each other. Indeed, high-waist skirts are must-have for women’s wardrobe to create a multitude of looks with a great style.


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