How to Wear High-Waist Pants

They hide belly bulges, love handles, and other flaws. No wonder, high-waist style is on the rise. While high-waists pants are a relief when it now comes to body coverage, styling them presents a whole new challenge. The laid-back trend of leaving tops untucked is pointless with high-waist jeans, while a cropped top can hide your waist at all. If you’ve already bought yourself a pair of high-waist pants but are unsure of how to make them work for you, keep on reading for styling tricks to wear high-waist pants.

Some pants can be easily classified as high-waist, for where the rise is calculated from the horizontal crotch seam to the top of the waistband in front. Like most things in fashion, wear your right size and avoid ill-fitting ones as too small and too big will look unflattering for you. Also, wear pants at the natural waist and avoid those ones that sit under the bra line as it draws the eye too much to the stomach and abdomen that look unflattering. Go for the perfect hem length whether straight or flared high-waist pants that will elongate your frame. For skinny high-waist jeans, the hem must fall just at the ankles as any shorter they’ll be pedal pushers and any longer and they’ll just bunch up around the legs, making you look shorter.

button down shirt with high waist pants

denim jacket with high waist pants jacket with high waist pants striped top with high waist pants tank top with high waist pants

The best way to go about styling high-waist pants is to consider your personality first and take it from there. For a laid-back and casual style, simply go for a tank top, basic tee, sweater, button-down shirt, sweater and such for your tops. Always keep everything in proportion to look stylish and polished. For instance, if you’re wearing high-waist flared jeans, instead of going for a basic tee or long sleeve top, go for an off-shoulder top to reveal your shoulders. It looks more balanced and complementing rather than covering yourself up through layers.

basic tee with high waist pants casual chic outfit casual top with high waist pants cut out top with high waist pants feminine blouse with high waist pants

For a casual chic style, go for one that looks chic and one that looks casual, but never both. When wearing a chambray shirt, go for high-waist dress pants to balance the casual and chic feel. On the other hand, if you’re wearing high-waist denim jeans, go for dressier tops like feminine blouses, pussy-bow blouse, lace tops, sheer tops and such. Stilettos, classic pumps, heeled sandals and such are great to complement your street looks.

edgy top with high waist pants leather jacket with high waist pants

High-waist jeans may seem too fashion-forward for a leather jacket, but with the proper styling these outfit combination can work for anyone. First, choose great well-worn high -waist boyfriend jeans and put on a tank and leather jacket. Finally, throw on a pair of boots. Just avoid short, bulky jackets as they create a boxy shape and make the waist look wider. A regular-length jacket will also work, so long as you keep your top tucked in, cropped, or knotted at the side. If you’re not a fan of a leather jacket, simply go for a black top and wear black combat boots for your footwear.

ruffled top with high waist pants sophisticated top with high waist pants white blouse with high waist pants white top with high waist pants

For a sophisticated statement, go for dressier high-waist pants and tops. Avoid overly voluminous tops as high-waist pants already have a lot of volume and provide lots of coverage, and a blouse top made of a lot of fabric will compete with that. Instead, wear it with crop tops and form-hugging tops as they will balance the excess volume. Also avoid large, bulky, and bulging embellishments on your pants and tops as wide cuffs, buttons, peplums, big prints, harem-cut pant legs will look unflattering to your high-waist and voluminous style.

lace top with high waist pants flowy top with high waist pants yellow cardigan and white top with high waist pants purple top with high waist pants chambray top with high waist pants

Feel free to wear colors and prints for your style. You can even wear some unexpected color combinations like red-and-pink, orange-and-blue, purple-and-red and such. If you’re not a fan of colors, go for creative prints and patterns instead. Just be mindful on the scales of your prints and know if they can flatter your figure or not.



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