How to wear high heels – The Secrets to Wearing Stilettos without pain

Stilettos are made for design, beauty and sexiness, not for comfort. These heels can be a woman’s best friend or a foe depends on how you carry it. Wearing those sexy heels makes you look hot and stunning, but walking in it is a different thing. You would like to be noticed how gracefully you walk and not how trying hard you are in it.

The models were trained to walk on these killer heels to show off their fiercest walk in the runways and fashion shows. Though stilettos are not only for models, you might want to strut your walk like one of them. Like learning any new skill, walking gracefully takes practice. It’s all about the posture, balance, and confidence. I still remember our model’s training when we’re still learning to walk; my mentor told me to hold my head high – imagining an invisible string holding my head upright, keep my chin up and put my weights on the toes. We even walked in heels with a hard book and tin can over our heads to master the proper balance and pacing. Here are some tips to make your walk gracefully and confidently:

Wear the right shoe size.
How to wear high heels

Size really matters. One size smaller cause much pain and cramps. And toe cleavage is not good for the eyes, as well as the bumps on the shoe corners that show how unfit the shoes for your feet. And one size larger would make your foot slides awkwardly.

Pace yourself.
 kitten heels
If you’ve never walked in high heels before, don’t start out learning with a 6-inch heels, that could lead to a disaster. Try something smaller like kitten heels — just around 2 to 3 inches– or wedge that gives you more stability and balance. You can always work your way up in these stilettos.

Walk in a rhythm.
How to wear high heels without pain
You could play your favorite music and walk with the beats. Stand up straight as if your chest reaching the sky. It provides balance while you’re wearing heels. Then start walking with the music.

Walk heel to toe, not toe to heel.
stiletto heels , red statement dress Tips to Avoid Foot Pain From High Heels

Always place one foot in front of the other. Walk from heel to toe, not toe to heel. Toe to heel can look overly awkward and harsh on walking that is not elegant for sure. Placing one foot in front of the other helps creating the illusion of swaying hips, which makes you look sexier and more confident.

It’s all about posture.
how to walk in stilettos Tips to Avoid Pain From High Heels

Lean slightly back and avoid slouching! Slouching is definitely a confidence killer! Engage your abs that give you more poise and control. Sucking your belly button to your spine helps you stand straighter that makes you appear thinner. Put your shoulders back down and keep your arms relaxed at your sides.

Take small steps.
how to avoid Foot Pain From High Heels
Wearing heels make your strides shorter than the usual. Just take small steps and know when to speed up. Baby steps aren’t gracious in the eyes but don’t try to take your strides longer than the usual.

Find a straight line.
miranda kerr  street style

Catwalk models often cross their one foot onto another to give more sway on the hips. You could do this slowly and gently to give you a more graceful walk.

Don’t rush.
walking in brick stones kristina bazan

Do not run. It’s best to take your time in heels, especially when walking down the stairs, on the cobblestones or brick streets,  on the slippery floors and on the grass.

Arch your foot slightly.
The Secret To Walking Gracefully In Heels How to Make Heels Comfortable

Some shoes are heavy that makes loud noises while walking in the hall. You would like to be noticed on how you walk, not how loudly you walked by. Push your weight through the pelvis, get your ankle lifted up, knee bent and then straighten to the floor.

Wear your high heels Tips for Wearing High Heels
Walking with confidence makes you a head turner while wearing those high heels.

And there you have it. Have you been walking the stiletto heels wrong this whole time? It’s time to strike an attitude on your stride and strut the streets like the runway!

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