How to Wear Gingham

Gingham print is often confused with other checkered patterns like plain and tartan so before we get on, let’s just be clear with what gingham really is. Gingham is basically a checkered print that consists of white and another bold color such as red, blue or even yellow. Now, gingham has been an iconic print pattern but the looks that made it famous weren’t exactly chic and stylish. Case in point: a summer picnic blanket, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz’s pinafore dress and, of course, Raggedy Andy’s costume. When worn right, though, gingham can easily look super tasteful and chic. Here are some ideas on how to wear gingham, especially this fall.

  • Wear gingham with denim – denim always has this way of making any print or fabric look so casually chic. Wearing gingham with denim is one good way to get rid of the not-so-pretty and conventional image of gingham. Don’t limit yourself to just a gingham printed shirt and denim jeans. Get more experimental and try out other combos like a denim / chambray shirt and a gingham skirt or maybe even a dress layered on top of a gingham collared top. Also try to really explore your options and try pairing your gingham piece with colored denim instead of the usual blue ones.

gingham skirt and chambray shirt

denim shorts and bnw gingham denim overalls and gingham shirt bf jeans and gingham shirt

  • Go for unconventional colors – red and white gingham is very reminiscent of the summer picnic blankets and white and blue is very Raggedy Andy-like. If you want to escape these gingham ‘stereotypes’, go for gingham print in an unconventional color like green or pink or yellow. This will make your gingham printed piece look more chic instead of tacky and tasteless.

orange gingham scarf green gingham print pink gingham shirt summer green gingham top

  • Mix and match prints – the print on print trend has been really big lately and seeing that this trend isn’t going anywhere, you might as well take advantage and sport it. Mix and match your gingham printed piece with other pieces that feature other prints like florals, stripes or even other checkered patterns like tartan and plain (this look is not very surprisingly popular during fall).

animal print and gingham prints chic gingham and stripes combo floral and gingham pink polka and gingham

  • Do the peek-a-boo – if one of your biggest concerns about wearing gingham is looking like you have a picnic basket or a table cloth draped all over your body, let your gingham printed piece do a peek-a-boo instead of going all out in-your-face-ish. This can be achieved by wearing your gingham printed shirt underneath another top and exposing only parts like the collar and the sleeve hem.

peekaboo gingham prints gingham print peekaboo subtle gingham print

  • Keep the rest simple – gingham is already a bold statement all on its own so try to keep the rest of your outfit plain and simple. You don’t need any more knickknacks to adorn your outfit with when you already have a gingham printed piece to sport.

diane kruger in gingham skirt neutral colors and gingham print simple gingham outfitsimple outfit and gingham shoes

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