How to Wear Flipflops and Still Look Chic

Warm weather is coming and that means it’s time to say goodbye to the cold weather wardrobe staples you’ve come to love these past few months and hello to lighter and breezier pieces of clothing that will not only help you look stylish but keep you cool as well. Flip flops have always been one of those warm weather staples that I just can’t seem to ditch, no matter how hard I try. I guess it will always  be a part of my spring and summer wardrobe as far as footwear is concerned and if you’re thinking of how you can get away with wearing them as often as I do, check out these tips on how to wear flipflops and still look chic.

  1. With your basic shirt-and-jeans combo – spring is the perfect time to go back to your basic shirt-and-jeans go-to outfit combo and if you’re looking for a way to dress down the look even more and give it more of that laidback, casual vibe, finish off your outfit with a pair of flipflops instead of heels or even flats.basic shirt and jeans outfit
    basic jeans and gray shirt with gold flipflops
  2. With something dressy – if you want to avoid looking sloppy while wearing flipflops outside of the house, try wearing it with something dress. This will help make your flipflops look intentional instead of making it look like you strolled out of the house and forgot to wear shoes.dressy outfit and flip flops dressy romper and slippers
  3. With shorts – shorts and flipflops are the ultimate beach combo for spring and summer but you don’t have to go to the beach to rock the look. If you’re looking for something to wear those cute denim shorts with and you want to achieve a summery look, try wearing it with flip flops.fringe shorts and flip flops
  4. With leggings – leggings and flip flops are the two things every laidback woman loves lounging around in and if you need an outfit that’s comfy and cute, this combo might just be what you need.leggings tank top and flip flops leggings and tunic outfit
  5. With your LBD – yes, you read that right. If you’ve ever wondered if you can pull off wearing your LBD as an everyday street style outfit, the answer is yes and the way to do that is to wear it with a pair of flip flops that will dress down the look.lbd with ruffles and flip flops
  6. With a maxi skirt – flip flops paired up with a cute maxi skirt is a great combination to wear if you’re looking to create something that’s chic and stylish with just the right hint of Boho fashion. This combo can be worn for everyday street style looks, to the beach, and anywhere else you might be planning on going to.maxi skirt with slip maxi drawstring skirt and red flip flops



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