How to Wear Cropped Flare Pants

Cropped flare pants are another trend that’s quickly becoming hot and popular for this season and, we’re hoping, for the next few seasons as well. They make a wonderful alternative to skinny jeans. They’re a little tricky to pull off, however, and you really need to know how to style them to make them work for you and your body type. Once you get the hang of it, though, wearing cropped flare pants can be easy as pie. If you’re interested in this new trend for pants, check out these tips and ideas on how to wear cropped flare pants.

  1. ALWAYS WEAR HEELS – the easiest way to look great in cropped flare pants is to wear them with heels. Always. Especially if you are not naturally blessed with super long legs and you don’t want your gams looking ever shorter. Wearing heels elongates your legs and makes pulling off cropped flare pants easier. They also add an air of sexy sophistication to your look, taking it to the next level and making it street style snap-worthy.heels and cropped flare pants
    alexa chung cropped flare jeans
  2. HEMS ABOVE THE ANKLE – if you’re petite and you don’t want to look even shorter or smaller than you already are, look for a pair of cropped flare pants that are hemmed just right above the ankle. These will make your legs look a tad bit longer and assure you that you won’t be looking any shorter while sporting your cropped flare pants.double denim take with cropped flare pants cute fall outfit with cropped flare pants
  3. TRY A MONOCHROMATIC LOOK – another fun and easy way to pull off cropped flare pants easily is to wear them along with a monochromatic look. An all-black outfit is always flattering but it tends to get plain and boring over time. Try other colors like lighter neutral shades or brighter and more vibrant hues. To keep your monochromatic look from being boring, make sure to play a little but with the textures you are incorporating to your look.monochromatic navy blue color monochromatic white outfit with cropped flare pants
  4. WEAR SOMETHING GIRLY – the thing about cropped flare pants is that they can give off quite an androgynous look and if that’s not something you want to exude, you can counter it by wearing something really feminine and girly. Achieving balance is the key to making cropped flare pants work for your style preference.cute outfit with cropped flare pants heels with cropped flare pants outfit
  5. AIM FOR PROPORTION – the last tip that you need to remember when trying to pull off cropped flare pants is that you should always aim for the right propotion in your look. Never pair your cropped flare pants with anything that will make it look like it’s just another pair of pants that shrunk in the dryer.

cropped flare pants and parka jacket wrap style top and cropped flare pants

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