How to Wear Colors and Prints This Summer with Amber McNaught

Summer is a perfect season to wear juicy colors and lively prints on your outfits that will make you look more vibrant and inspired. Mind behind the Forever Amber blog, Amber McNaught is a Scotland-based blogger known for her creative style featuring playful colors and cheery prints on her outfit. Feminine, chic, and playful, Amber’s style is ideal this season whether you’re heading to a tropical vacation, summer getaway, or garden parties. So, keep on reading to scoop some style inspirations from her.

Elevate your neutral-colored outfits with brightly-colored accessories.

polka dot skirt with pink bag

red shoes with polka dots skirt red bag with black dress

If you’re a minimalist and your wardrobe consists of mostly black, white, gray, and brown, simply add some playfulness to your summer look by wearing brightly-colored bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry like Amber did. Black colored dresses may not be encouraged for summer due to the belief of dark colors are absorbing heat, making you feel hot and uncomfortable, but you can still make them summer friendly by adding some pop of color with your shoes or bag. You may simply opt for a red pair of stiletto shoes or a hot pink bag that will add some color to your summer outfits.

Start wearing black-and-white patterns.

abstract print tea dress with black and white bag striped skirt with white tee nautical chic outfit with gingham sandals black top with striped skirt and classic pumps

If you’re not a big fan of cheery colors and loud patterns, start with black-and-white prints in classic styles to add some interest to your summer look. Polka dots and gingham feel more retro while stripes evoke a nautical-chic look. Like Amber, opt for a printed summer dress that will look creative for the office, or a striped skirt teamed with white tee perfect for your casual weekends.

Wear playful prints of the same hues to create a cohesive look.

checkered skirt with turquoise top retro floral dress with green cardigan leopard print pumps with mustard outfit floral midi skirt with green top dress with green cardigan

Wearing prints with the matching shade on your top or bottom will create a more cohesive look. Like Amber, think of wearing a green cardigan with your retro floral summer dress or a checkered pencil skirt with your plain top. Or, think of adding some flair to your plain mustard dress by wearing a pair of leopard print pumps that still coordinates with your color scheme like Amber did. Also, think of summer-inspired themes that will spice up your outfits like floral, fruit prints, and such. Like Amber, you may go for a plain top teamed with a floral skirt, but keep your feet stylish by going for cherry-embellished flats that look cute and flirty at the same time.

Be bold wearing cheery prints but balance them with plain colored ensembles.

white tee with red gingham skirt polka dots skirt with black top graphic print summer dress gingham pants with red ballet flats and button down shirt floral skirt with white tee floral midi skirt with white tee floral dress with red pumps

Whether you wish to wear a scenery-inspired dress or a brightly colored printed skirt, bold prints can make your summer style more lively and expressive. Like Amber, keep the balance of your outfits by wearing printed ensembles with plain ones, preferably neutral to let your prints steal the show. By following these style tricks from Amber, you‘ll make your summer style more creative and expressive.

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