How to Wear Botanical Prints This Fall

Botanical patterns and floral prints have been kicked up a notch for summer, but you can still wear them into the fall season if you know how to style them properly. Rather than sport head-to-toe blooms, try making them fall-inspired that’s practical for everyday wear. So, keep on reading to learn our easy styling tricks.

Opt for darker hues on your prints to avoid looking summer-inspired.


tropical-print-pants-with-blazer tropical-print-dress-with-ankle-boots

Floral patterns are popular in the summer, so avoid looking lost in fall transition by going for darker hues on your prints since summer is known for bright accents, cheery shades, and bold hues. Though you may go for dark blues, camel, burgundy, plum, and other darker hues, black and white combination is the safest. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, look fall inspired with a black and white tropical print dress paired with fall ankle boots that will seamlessly transition your style.

Pair your retro floral print outfits with fall boots.

chic-floral-dress-with-emerald-necklace-and-ankle-boots retro-floral-skirt-with-edgy-boots retro-floral-dress-with-suede-boots

If you can’t give up your favorite floral dress in catchy shades, simply wear them with fall boots. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, you may go for a floral print summer dress in the fall if you’re going to wear it with a pair of suede boots. Or, make your fall party style a bit edgy and feminine with a lace top teamed with floral print skirt and cap toe ankle boots like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did. If you wish to add some creative vibe to your office looks, resort to a pair of black and white tropical print trousers that can keep you stylish yet professional.

Spice up your fall outfits with botanical print blazers.

all-black-outfit-with-tropical-print-blazer tropical-print-suit tropical-print-blazer-with-green-skirt

You could never go wrong with blazers as they’re essential in the colder months. Just trade your classic blazers with tropical print blazers that can extend your summer vibe into the fall. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, make your all-black outfit creative by wearing a tropical bomber jacket with it. Or, look edgy by going for a matching set of blazer and pants that can still be suitable in the fall months.

Wear your floral print outfits with fall coats and layers.

tropical-print-maxi-dress-with-coat retro-floral-dress-with-structured-coat-and-fall-boots floral-dress-with-camel-coat-and-ankle-boots

The easiest way to make your summer staples work in the fall, especially floral print ones, is to wear them with layers or fall coats. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, make your floral print dress fall-appropriate by wearing it with a turtleneck top, fall coat, and over-the-knee boots. Or, resort to floral print dresses and skirts in midi or maxi length to keep you warm when worn with ankle boots or even booties. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to extend your summer wardrobe into the fall while wearing your favorite botanical print outfits stylishly.

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