How to Wear Bold Colors This Winter with Veronica Popoiacu

Winter may be known for dark palette and chunky layers, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip juicy colors. Mind behind the Bittersweet Colours blog, Veronica Popoiacu is a fashion blogger born in Romania, but now living in PA, USA, known for her colorful style regardless of the season. According to her, the way she dresses every day is just another form of art that involves creativity. If you’re looking for inspiration to wear bold colors in the winter, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Veronica.

Start by wearing bold colored accessories.

bold pink pumps with gray winter coat

red bag with camel cape green scarf with winter white outfit

If your closet is full of neutral hues of black, brown, white, gray, tan and such, wearing neon or juicy colors may sound daunting for you. Like Veronica, think of a pair of pink pumps that look feminine when teamed with your gray coat and outfit. Or, add some flair to your winter white outfit with a green scarf that looks so calming even in a bright shade. For a more classy vibe, think of a bold red bag since jewel tones look more elegant over neon ones.

Opt for a bold colored coat.

blue jeans with yellow coat yellow coat with sporty outfit red coat with sporty outfit

Coats are essential in the winter to keep you warm, so think of going for ones that will give you a bold statement. If you wish to bring your creative style to the next level, opt for a bold colored coat that can add some life to your winter outfit. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, think of a neon yellow coat that can add some life to your gym and sporty outfits. Or, look classy with a jewel-toned coat that will make your jeans and sneakers a bit dressy while looking cool.

Look creative with color blocking.

pink coat with yellow bag and gray boots yellow coat with red pants royal blue coat with red bag and camel outfit

Color blocking may be a known trend in the summer, but you can rock the trend in the winter too. Like Veronica, think of topping your camel outfit with a royal blue coat teamed with a red bag. Or, intentionally clash bold colors in your outfit like wearing red with blue, purple with yellow, red and yellow and such that will create an intentional look for the gloomy winter months.

Wear the bold shade in a monochromatic way.

pastel blue coat with pants orange coat with colored pants burgundy coat with winter outfit and pink bag

If adding some pop of color is not your thing, then wear a bold shade in a monochromatic way. Like Veronica, you may start with a bold yet dark shade of red on your sweater, pants, and coat then add a hint of brighter hue with a pink bag that will create a cohesive look. Or, go for a juicy shade of orange or tangerine that looks summer-inspired in the winter months, By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to wear bold colors in the winter fashionably.

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