How to Wear Art-Inspired Clothing

Some of the most beautiful paintings can be found not only on art galleries but also to some fashion ensembles like dresses, skirts, tops, and even blazers, for where the lines get blurred between art and fashion resulting to a living and walking art. Whether you’re looking for portraits, vibrant brushstroke prints, or floral paintings like they were ripped from a sketchbook, keep on reading for fashionable ways of wearing these art-inspired clothing.

floral print coat with strappy sandals

graphic print maxi dress with gold thong sandals halter floral dress with nude pumps key print dress lemon print dress

Wearing art on your dresses is a creative way of looking feminine and artistic on your street style. Since your prints on dresses will definitely make a bold statement, choose those artistic prints that you can incorporate into your day-to-day look. You may think of floral brushstroke prints, graphic bird prints, and even famous portrait and scenery paintings that can now be found on dresses. For a playful and quirky vibe, you may think of a fruit-print dress like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did wearing a lemon print dress with a matching lemon print clutch. To make your style baroque-inspired, think of baroque print dresses with gold or silver trims as well as historic key prints. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, just top your outfit with a jeweled headband or crown.

button-down shirt with artistic skirt castle inspired skirt with chic top graphic print suit with dress pants scenery print skirt with button down shirt and hat structural castle skirt with pastel top white blazer with graphic pants

If you’re thinking of art-inspired blazers, trousers, or skirts, keep your matching pieces understated as you may want your art-influenced piece to be the center of attention. When wearing a sculptural piece or a scenery-print ensemble, pair your ensembles with muted shades preferably a pair of white pants, a white button-down shirt, or a white blazer. This also means you need to let your shoes and handbag be more muted for where a simple shape and solid color for your accessories ensures that your outfit isn’t overwhelming or costume-y.

floral matching top and shorts floral shirt with denim shorts floral top with yellow pants and blazer flying bird printed dress with sweater graphic print leggings with green top graphic print skirt with blue top

To make your outfit look more coordinated, you may think of a matching color from your prints. Like fashion blogger Lidia Frolova, you may think of pairing your floral print blazer and shorts with a pastel top, or a pastel and printed skirt with a pastel top. Different shades of denim shorts and jeans may complement your pastel print especially in light washes of blues. Pairing your art-inspired ensembles with a matching solid-color piece creates a futuristic and oh-so-artistic look.

bird print dress with leather jacket floral dress with classic coat floral pink top with camel blazer and pants floral print dress with military jacket floral print skirt with navy crop top floral skirt with tank top and blazer graphic leggings with loose top

If you think your art-inspired clothing is too bold and statement-making, you may offset loud prints with your neutral colored blazer, jacket, coat, or even a sweater. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may pair your brushstroke print floral dress with a military jacket that looks trendy and edgy. But, if you’re a fan of a feminine look, go for a pastel colored blazer like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did wearing an art-inspired skirt with a white tank top and a peach colored blazer.

wolf print shirt with leather jacket and pants sporty chic sweater with abstract print skirt pine tree printed top with pleated skirt graphic print jacket with skinny pants bird printed dress with coat

To make the sharp lines of your look modern while keeping it looks so cutting-edge, go for abstract prints from geometric styles to brushstroke ones, paint splatters, or even prints that echo great works of art. Keep it understated with muted colors of black, white, and gray will still make you look like a beautiful work of art without looking flashy.

Indeed, art knows no bounds as your fashion style expresses your creativity and personality. So, create a masterpiece with your art-inspired clothing and fit the modern vibe of your ensemble!

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