How to Wear Ankle Length Pants

If you’ve been following some of the most stylish ladies, you may have noticed that they have been wearing one something that used to be considered a fashion no-no lately and that is ankle length pants. Many young and chic fashionistas used to stay away from ankle length pants just because they were somehow styled to fit the style of more mature women but lately, these pants have been really popular. They’re everywhere and on everyone and it’s not so hard to see why. With the updated silhouette, there are endless looks that you can create with this piece. Here are some tips on how to wear ankle length pants.

  • Avoid a bulky silhouette – one of the most important things to remember when choosing a pair of ankle length pants is to choose a proper-fitting one. You’ll want a pair of ankle length pants with a slim fit and without anything that adds bulk or volume anywhere. This is key in achieving that updated look which makes ankle length pants more fashionable and avoiding the frumpy look.

ripped ankle length pants

chic and classic look loose ankle length pants

  • Pair it with heels – unless your legs have supermodel status, avoid wearing ankle length pants with flats. Wear them with heels instead so that you get the illusion of longer legs. Ankle length pants sometimes tend to make legs look shorter and wearing heels with it is one of the best ways to counter that illusion. If you’re petite, wear nude heels to make your legs look even longer.

ankle length jeans leather ankle length pants rolled cuff ankle length jeans

  • Choose a well-fitting top – when wearing a pair of ankle length pants, make sure to wear a well-fitting top to achieve a well balanced silhouette. Anything too baggy will look sloppy and slouchy with ankle length pants. It doesn’t have to be very fitted, just something with a bit of wiggle room in it.

white ankle length pants slim fit ankle length pants maroon ankle length pants

  • Pick neutral colors for a classic look – if you’re going for a clean and classic look, it’ best to choose neutral colored ankle length pants. You can wear these with a top in a bright and vivid color for a fresher and more updated look if you ‘re wearing your neutral ankle length pants for street style looks.

ankle length pants and heels black ankle length pants fab sheer top

  • Try sporting a printed pair – on the other hand, if you’re looking to buy a pair of ankle length pants that you can use for everyday casual looks, you may want to try a printed pair. Printed ankle length pants will add a nice touch of young, hip and fresh vibe to your look.

animal print ankle length pants printed ankle length pants black and white ankle length pants

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