How to Wear a Maxi Skirt

How to wear a Maxi Skirt and how to look best for your body shape .

Since the time maxi skirts became popular in 1970, they have been the trend in different levels of flounce and fullness. The latest trend is the longer-length skirt that are loose fitting and comfy. This fashion is feminine, and will definitely look better on any lady and is sensible in any situation. Most of all, if you have good sewing abilities, the maxi skirt is quick, less costly and easy to make Within an hour, you can add fashion to your cabinet for a certain amount of a designer version.

Chiffon Maxi Skirts celebs

With the skirts hemlines getting longer, the maxi is in and the short mini is out. The maxi skirt is one fashion which cannot be out of fashion. Here are some tips on how you can work on your maxi skirt and how to make it sexier.

Assymetrical maxi skirt : wear it with high heels and simple top

assymetrical  long skirt

Blue maxi skirt : vivid color works bestblue maxi skirt

Green pleated skirt and jacket  for colder weathergreen pleated maxi skirt

Wear Long skirt with small sexy topmaxi skirt for summer

ombre effectombre maxi skirt

Trendy pleated skirt
turquoise pleated maxi skirt

Wear Black maxi skirt for a chic lookblack maxo skirt

Match Grey pleated skirt with  whitetank topgrey maxi skirt

Striped tube skirt will flatter your perfect body shapestriped tube maxi skirt

If in case you are conscious with your bum and hips, then choose a style which is more flowy. If you go for a baggier style underneath, the top half should be something that is tighter to give you more shape. If your skirt is loose fitting all throughout you will appear larger than your actual size. To match your body hugging maxi skirts, use a loose or tight fitting top. It is best if you combine it with a statement necklace. For a warmer look during winter, you can pair your maxi skirt using a cropped knit or toss on a shrug. If you want a little bit more sexy look for a cropped bustier.

 Bohemian look with  Maxi Skirtboho maxi skirt

celebrity casual look with maxi skirt

celeb-maxi skirts

Casual and cute look -Ethnic print  maxi skirt with simple white tshirt

cute maxi skirt

Pink maxi skirt with short jacket

pink maxi skirt

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