How to Wear a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are pretty popular and they’re worn all year round though they’re best worn during the colder seasons like fall and winter. I love wearing a good leather jacket not just because it keeps me warm but also because it adds such a nice, sleek and chic vibe to any look. You can wear a tank top and jeans and put on a leather jacket and you have yourself a kickass street style outfit that you can wear from day to night. There are so many leather jackets out there, finding the one for you can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips on how to wear a leather jacket that might just inspire you in your quest for your very own leather jacket.

  • Black – black leather jackets are the most popular. You see them everywhere and on everyone, from the fashion blogger you religiously read to your next door neighbor who reads each issue of Vogue like it’s the Bible. If you’re looking for a safe purchase and something that you can definitely wear no matter what, your best bet would be a black leather jacket.

plain black leather jacket

black leather jacket and dress

  • With lace – lace and leather has always been a well-loved fashion combination. It’s the perfect combination between sweet and sexy and girly and edgy. Anything lace with a leather jacket always gives you that sexy, chic and somewhat mysterious look. It’s a great combo to wear on dates.

pink lace skirt and leather jacket white lace and leather jacket

  • Colored – if you’re a little more adventurous and you want to try something other than the basic black jacket, you can opt for one in a different color. The key to picking a leather jacket in a color other than black and have it look classy is to stick with neutral colors like brown and white. Red leather jacket looks sexy, too, but that’s about it for bright colors. Pink, orange, yellow – these aren’t just colors you’d usually wear on a leather jacket.

cobalt blue leather jacket maroon leather jacket

  • With denim – now, if you think leather is too edgy for you, you can always tone it down a little and make it look more casual by wearing it with denim. A leather jacket with anything denim, from a denim jacket to a denim dress or maybe even just denim pants, will always give you that nice street style look that’s not too punk-y nor too simple.

leather jacket and denim shorts denim pants and leather jacket

  • Cropped – If you have the stick / rectangle body type and you need something to create the illusion of curves, a cropped leather jacket may just be what you need this fall. Cropped leather jackets often hit the area right by the upper ribs though there are longer ones that come down midrib or even right above the hips. These are the kinds that you can wear to give your silhouette a slightly more curved look. You can wear cropped jackets on top of shirts, sweaters and dresses.

cropped leather jacket and dress cropped leather jacket and crop top

  • Studded – want to get that edgy rocker chic look? A plain leather jacket paired with leather pants and boots may do it but if you want to go all out, a studded leather jacket is sure to do a better job and give you a more badass look. Studded jackets can be pricey, though, and if you don’t have to money to splurge, you can always DIY your own.

punk rock studded leather jacket studded leather jacket


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