How to Wear a Leather Dress

A leather dress is not something that you would wear on an everyday basis but on the rare occasion that you get to wear it, wouldn’t you want to make sure you look fab in it? Pulling off a look with a leather dress can be tricky. You’ll want to achieve a perfectly balanced look that’s not too sexy nor too rock-and-roll. You’ll want your look to be the perfect happy medium between edgy and elegant, sexy and sophisticated, cool and chic. If you’re wondering how you can achieve all these, check out these tips and outfit inspirations on how to wear a leather dress.

  • MIXED TEXTURES – if you’re worried that you won’t be able to pull off a dress completely made out of leather, you can always go for a dress that has another material mixed in like lace or cotton or jersey. This will take away your worries of ending up with a look that’s too sexy for you. Some leather dresses will have accents in another fabric and that’s what you’ll want to go for. If you want to keep the full leather feel on, you can try looking for a full leather dress with mixed textured instead like plain sleek leather and quilted leather.

sexy form fitting leather dress

texture mix leather and cotton texture mix dress

  • CLUBBING CHIC – leather is perfect for adding that edgy, sexy bit to any look which is exactly what you want for a nighttime outfit, be it for clubbing or just for partying the night away. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit more skin and shape with your leather dress if you’re dressing up for the night. Go for something a little more form-fitting and don’t shy away from that low-neckline or high hem. Just make sure you don’t show too much so you don’t end up looking tacky and cheap.

sexy see through panels on leather dress sexy plain leather dress sexy form fitting leather dress

  • CLASSIC MINIMALIST – think a leather dress is only good for clubbing? Well, think again! When worn with the right stuff, your leather dress can turn into a beautiful and elegant ensemble. If you want to achieve that, you’ll have to aim for the classic minimalist look. Choose a leather dress with a simple silhouette and finish it off with minimal jewelry and simple accessories. This is the kind of look you see celebs pull off all the time on the red carpet.

minimalist chic minimalist look minimalist simple outfit

  • DRESSED DOWN CASUAL – itching to wear that leather dress out on a beautiful day but just can’t find a way to dress it down? Denim is the answer to your dilemma. Throw on a denim jacket on top of your dress or maybe a chambray top if you want something more lightweight and you have yourself a gorgeous and edgy daytime look. Complete the casual vibe by slipping into a pair of sneakers instead of heels and you’ve completely transformed your leather dress into a street style staple.

denim and leather dress leather dress and sneakers denim jacket and leather dress


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