How to Wear a Halter Top

Halter tops are underrated. They’re chic, they’re sexy, and they’re really easy to pull off which is why we’re always wondering why there isn’t much attention being given to this particular style. I understand that some people avoid wearing halter tops because they feel like it’s a little outdated but that’s totally not true. You can wear a halter top and look chic and sophisticated. Check out our ideas and tips below on how to get this done.

  1. Exfoliate your shoulders – the first thing you have to remember when you’re planning on wearing a halter top or dress is that you will be baring your shoulders for the world to see. Unless, that is, you choose to do some layering. To get the best look possible, exfoliate your shoulders and make sure they look and feel nice and halter top outfit
    sexy lace halter top
  2. Wear your hair up – if you want to make the most of your halter top and you really want to show off those sexy shoulders, you should wear your hair in an updo. There are tons of updos that you can pair up with a halter top, from a simple ponytail to more ornate and more complex braids.updo and halter top updo ponytail and halter top in white
  3. Opt for strapless bras – since halter tops bare the shoulder part where your bra straps usually go, going strapless is a lot more ideal. If, however, you feel like you need more support, you can opt for a halter-strapped bra instead to still avoid unsightly straps. Of course, if you’d rather go braless, that is an option too.bra strapless for halter top outfit braless kendall jenner
  4. Try it cropped – if you’re going for a really sexy but also really cool and casual outfit, why don’t you try wearing your halter top cropped? Cropped tops are still one of the best and hottest trends for summer and incorporating the trend with a halter top neck is sure to give you a nice and sexy look.cropped halter and skirt cropped halter top
  5. Wear a choker with it – wondering what the best accessory is to pair up with that sexy halter top? How about a nice and trendy choker? This combo is a great way to play up a long neck to draw attention towards it and away from other flaws.choker and halter top selena gomez choker and halter top
  6. Go for a halter top bikini – forget about bandeaus and triangle bikini tops. This summer, if you want to stand out at the beach or the pool, you’ll want to wear something fresh and new and that is where a halter top bikini comes to play.bikini tropical print halter top bikini in peach halter top style


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