How to Wear a Crop Top and Make It Look Chic

Though crop tops are a major trend, they may tend to look overly sexy and overly casual for a formal setting. Wearing a crop top is not always synonymous with baring your midriff. So, if you’re wondering how to wear a crop top and make it look chic, keep on reading to scoop some style ideas.

crop top with high waist maxi skirt

crop top with blazer and polka dots pants

For a stylish yet conservative take on crop tops, you may get a high-waist skirt that adds height to the coverage on your waist since the hem of your top is cut short. Also, wearing a blazer, suit, or even cardigan with your crop top and pants combination will make the style work appropriate but still chic and trendy. It’s also important not to buy a crop top that’s too short especially if you’re tall. Otherwise, it’ll keep your midriff showing whether you throw on a blazer or go for a high waist skirt. So, if you’d rather stay on the more modest end of crop tops, look for one made of a thicker material and one with a slightly longer length.

crop top with lace skirt crop top with pencil skirt lace crop top with tulle skirt ruffled crop top with maxi skirt

To give some feminine vibe while keeping it chic, opt for feminine details like ruffles, off-shoulder styles, cut-outs, lace, and even other delicate style that features feminine feel. Lace skirts, pencil skirts, and even tulle skirts are great to pair with crop tops. Just polish your looks with chic hat, classic sunglasses, elegant bag, and feminine shoes.

black crop top with blue satin skirt crop top with blue midi skirt

Crop tops and voluminous skirts are the common combination of this style. To nail the crop top trend with other trend, opt for jewel tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green and even amethyst purple on your color palette. Or, like Blair Eadie, simple opt for a pastel colored crop top and pair it with a blue skirt and classic pumps for a chic and sophisticated style. Blair opted for a crop top that is short in the front but longer in the back that is great to enable more coverage for the crop shy. As long as your other two pieces are working, the shoes don’t matter all that much. Since you’re trying to dress up a piece that’s inherently casual, prefer heels to flats.

checkered crop top with skirt crop top with geometric print skirt cropped sweater with floral skirt stripes crop top with shorts ruffled crop top with striped skirt pastel crop top with skirt

To bring some dimension to your plain crop top, you may opt for creative prints in your skirt. Classic prints like polka dots, stripes, checks, and even floral give a feminine vibe while keeping the classic feel. Also, you may get matching separates that are more ladylike and artistic that your outfit itself makes a statement in a chic and sophisticated way.

ruffled crop top with wide leg pants cut out crop top with culottes crop top with straigh leg pants

Another daring fashion trend, culottes, and dressy pants class up the crop top with their loose silhouette. Just look for pants or a skirt designed to hit your actual waist, not your hips. Also, make sure that the crotch and are actually long enough or else it will result in a very unsightly fit. As these pants may tend to look casual, opt for classic pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals to bring the chic feel back. Crop tops with feminine style like off-shoulder, halter, and even ones with ruffles are great to match with these pants.



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