How to Wear a Cape for Summer

The cape came into the fashion spotlight a few seasons ago but it still is one of the hottest and most worn and wanted trends of today. With the days becoming hotter and hotter, though, pulling off a cape flawlessly can be tricky. If you’re still not over the trend, though, check out these tips on how you can wear a cape for summer with comfort and style.

  1. Wear it to the office – if there’s one place you can get away with wearing warmer clothes during the summer, it’s the office. Offices and other workplaces in general usually have central air conditioning so pulling off something rather warm like a cape is outfit summer cape
    office outfit with nude cape
  2. Mini dress with built in cape – another option that you have when you want to wear a cape during the summer is to wear it built in with a mini dress. There are countless options for you out there so finding one that will suit your style should be no problem.dress with built in cape in white dress lbd style and built in cape
  3. Jumpsuit or romper with a built in cape – if you’re not a fan of dresses and you’d rather wear something more comfy and non-restrictive, you can opt for a jumpsuit or a romper with a built in cape instead. It’s just as chic as a dress with a built in cape but is less restrictive so it’s perfect for fashionistas on the go.jumpsuit in white with built in cape romper in blush with built in maxi cape
  4. Blazer – style – instead of going for a full-on cape, why not try something lighter this summer? A blazer-style cape is the perfect outerwear to complete your summer ensembles if you’re feeling like doing something dramatic. It adds the perfect amount of movement and body to the look that isn’t too heavy or overwhelming for summer.blazer style cape blazer style cape with print detail
  5. In bright colors – if you don’t want to settle for anything else other than an actual cape and you think you can pull it off despite the summer heat, at least give it some summer vibes by opting for one in a bright and vibrant color. This will take away much of that fall/winter-ish vibe and give you more of a warm and cheery look.bright pink cape bright red cape and gray jeans
  6. Try a maxi vest or cardigan – the thing about capes is that you don’t always need one to get the look and the drama that it brings. In the summer, for example, you can opt for a light maxi vest or a light maxi cardigan instead to get the same look and drama that you would from a cape.maxi vest outfit in bright yellow maxi cardigan summer outfit


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