How to Wear a Bib Necklace

All outfits always no matter how dressy or casual look better when you wear the right accessories to go with it. A great statement piece, bib necklace instantly dresses up your outfit achieving varied looks. However, you may look over-the-top in these accessories that’s why knowing exactly what to wear or not to wear with them is a must.

basic tee and boyfriend jeans with bib necklace

bib necklace with all black outfit casual sweater with skirt and bib necklace jeans and coat with bib necklace

The most basic thing you can wear with a bib necklace is a tank top and a simple tee whether round neck or V-neck paired with denim jeans that look very casual-chic. Oftentimes, a basic tee paired with jeans can look boring but with a bib necklace accentuating your look, the whole ensemble will come together perfectly. Since a bib necklace is dressy and statement-making itself, wearing them turns your most ordinary or even distressed outfit into an extraordinary one. You may even think of graphic shirts, sports-inspired tops, knitted tops, and even a sweater that seem too much laid-back and less fashionable that can instantly look glamorous and chic. You may wear a cardigan or a coat over your plain top in the colder months to dress it up a little bit more.

bib necklace with chic outfit collar necklace with white maxi dress colorful bib necklace with black dress and gold pumps emerald green outfit with bib necklace plain white off shoulder dress with heels and bib necklace burgundy red outfit with sophisticated bib necklace

Any outfit that comes in a monochromatic color scheme is a sure match for a bib necklace as the simplicity of the outfit is well counterbalanced by the boldness of your statement accessory. Though white and pastel colors are plain and muted, dark shades like black, burgundy, navy, and forest green looks great with a bib necklace giving off a great backdrop for the statement piece to shine.

bib necklace with chic blouse and dress pants bib necklace with turtleneck top and burgundy skirt bib necklace with turtleneck top chic collar shirt and pleated skirt with bib necklace

Wear the bib necklace under the collar for a more sophisticated look. This is especially true to women with a short neck as a bib necklace adds a visual depth to your tops like turtlenecks, crew necks, boat neck, funnel top or even button-down shirts with all closed buttons. If you’re well rounded with color contrasting, it would be easier for you to pick a top that has a color that contrasts well with the color of your bib necklace. A bib necklace with turquoise gems in silver trims would go very well with pastel tops while plain metallic bib necklaces like gold or silver would go well with dark shades of blue, burgundy, and black.

bib necklace with fur jacket and leather trousers bib necklace with green outfit corset and fur skirt with bib necklace leather top with bib necklace

Apart from contrasting your bib necklace with the color of your tops, contrast them with interesting fabric textures as well. A fur jacket, leather top, knitted sweater, cashmere top, chiffon blouse and such add some definition to your outfit making them more fashionable and statement-making.

bib necklace with cocktail party outfit bib necklace with printed blouse and leather shorts printed-dress-and-gladiator-sandals-with-bib-necklace striped top and fringe skirt with bib necklace striped dress with bib necklace

Printed tops paired with a bib necklace can be very tricky to pull off as it may confuse the eyes on what to focus on. If you must wear prints with it, make sure that you choose a print that’s not too bold to clash with it. Classic prints with regular and repeated patterns like chevron, herringbone, stripes, and polka dots may go well with a bold bib necklace. However, if you wish to wear some floral top with a bib necklace, make sure it’s not a turtleneck one so the necklace wouldn’t fall on the design as a backdrop. Instead, opt for lower necklines like a tube, sweetheart, V-neck, scooped neck and such for where the statement accessory will sit above your prints.

sequin top and slit skirt with bib necklace sequin dress with bib necklace sequin blouse and shorts with bib necklace red gown with bib necklace

Pairing a sequin or metallic top with a bib necklace is really daunting but still can be pulled off. When wearing a bold colored sequin ensemble like red, purple, yellow, or even metallic gold, you may match the color of your statement necklace with the shade of your top to make it look like a part of it, or keep it in neutral shades of black, beige, and white. Incorporating different bold and sparkly shades with your already-sparkling ensemble looks over-the-top. Since you want to make a complimenting statement, keep your fashion style in its place.






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