How to Travel Light without Sacrificing Style

It might be great envisioning yourself myself arriving at your destination looking fashionable, with just a small suitcase in hand. But in reality, you often ended up lugging around a huge, overstuffed bag. Whether you’re heading to a vacation, a relaxing escape, or a seaside adventure, you can make your trip easier by packing light. If you’re wondering how to look stylish by only packing a few items, keep on reading to scoop our tricks.

Bring only versatile, neutral, and flattering items.


striped-pussy-bow-blouse-with-pastel-dress striped-dress-with-straw-hat-and-luggage button-front-denim-skirt-with-silk-top

The key to staying stylish and economic is to bring only versatile, neutral, and flattering items. But before you do that, choose a small suitcase or use compression bags to force you to make smart choices while packing. Remember, it’s a suitcase, not a closet. Like fashion blogger Brittany Xavier, think of a black dress that can be spiced up with a denim jacket, or a white silk top that can be worn with a button-front denim skirt, which is versatile enough to be worn with your other outfits. To maximize your ensembles, be inspired by fashion blogger Carly Maddox by wearing your striped blouse that you usually wore with skirts and trousers with a plain dress. This way, you’ll make your travel outfits more fashionable as you come up to wearing pieces in unconventional ways.

Resort to a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots.

black-dress-with-lightweight-coat-and-sneakers white-cardigan-with-black-dress casual-chic-travel-outfit black-dress-with-trench-coat

Unless you have a party and formal occasion to attend, skip bringing your sky-high stilettos. Not only they occupy huge suitcase space, but they also make your travel style more uncomfortable. This is especially true if you’re going to move from airports to train cars and fit yourself in spatially challenged elevators. Just indulge your maximalist side only on cruises or a static vacation. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, resort to a pair of edgy boots that can go well from your dresses and coats to your Breton striped top and jeans. Or, look effortlessly cool like fashion blogger Brittany Xavier by wearing sporty cool sneakers with your classic black dress topped with a pastel blue coat that’s functional on a slightly colder temperature.

Take advantage of accessories to spice up your simple outfit.

wide-brimmed-hat-with-chic-outfit off-shoulder-top-with-denim-overalls-and-sneakers cute-bag-with-sexy-casual-fall-outfit all-black-travel-outfit-with-suitcase

Since you’re packing neutral, versatile, and muted ensembles, take advantage of chic accessories that can dress up your travel outfits. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, instead of packing colorful necklaces, think of a brightly colored bag that can be stylish and functional enough, while adding a pop of color to your black and white outfit. Or, like fashion blogger Carly Maddox, simply wear a wide brimmed hat that you don’t have to fit in your suitcase since you can wear it right away. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to travel light without sacrificing style.

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