How to Style Your Watches

Watches as one of the most intimate accessory a woman could have, as it can show your personality and fashion sense without words. Women sporting oversized and men’s watches evokes an edgy personality with a feminine twist while women wearing bracelet-like watches give a more romantic and ladylike vibe. If you’re a big fan of watches, or simply looking for inspirations on how to wear them stylishly, keep on reading to scoop some of our tricks.

Pick a statement watch that will add some flair to your simple outfit.

watch with yellow dress and cute sunglasses

satchel bag with romper and gold watch oversized watch with chic outfit gold watch with minimalist outfit black leather dress with watch

Depending on your personality, pick a statement watch that will define your style. Some women replaced their feminine timepieces with flashier and larger men’s watches to show their edgy vibe. Clean lines, subtle designs, and bold colors are the things which separate a man’s watch from a woman that you may consider. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, you may opt for a classic watch in gold and black trims to complement your minimalist style. Or opt for a larger watch like Kristina Bazan to add some edge to your classic outfit. What you wear with women’s large face watches is just as crucial as to when you wear one. The larger the watches are the more statement-making they become, but think of your setting if it’s still appropriate. Donning a dainty and feminine watch at your workplace tells all that your preference is for the clean and the simple.

Make your watch complement your other accessories for a coordinating look.

band jacket with gold watch and striped outfit watch with pastel pink outfit statement necklace with mesh boots and gold watch nautical-hat-with-chic-outfit nautical chic outfit with watch ear cuffs with gold watch chic sunglasses with watch

Whether you’re a fan of glittery gemstones, glamorous gold, or even flashy colors, make your watch complement your other accessories to create harmony to your overall looks. When you’re wearing gold earrings, gold necklace, and pastel outfit, go for a wristwatch that fits into the scene by opting for a gold one. This way, you’ll look more modern and fashion-forward with a dash of your personality. When your sunglasses have glittery rhinestones, you may opt for a watch with the similar details too to keep it coordinating like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did.

Treat your watch as a cuff that can be worn in layers.

watch with cuffs and chic outfit urban-outfit-with-gold-watch turquoise dress with watch gold watch with cuffs gold chain necklace with watch and abstract print dress bracelets with watch and sequin top

For a trendy and fashion-forward style, include your watch on your layered accessories. If you’re thinking whether to go a dozen or more bracelets on your wrist, remember that five is the limit. More than that then you might as well be wearing handcuff. If you’re thinking of your other wrist should have two or three thin and delicate bracelets, go for any gold variant like yellow, rose, or white that will remind you that you are feminine and chic. Indeed, fashion watches are one of the most expressive and intimate jewelry a woman could have so just opt for ones that flatter your personality and style.

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