6 Ways to Style Your Neon Skirts

Eye-catching, hot, and dangerous, neon skirts really look fantastic and bright. They highlight your cheery personality and your aim to keep pace with the latest fashion trends. However, wearing neon skirts with other bright colors on your outfit can be risky as you may look like a three-colored traffic light. Looking for inspiration on how to add some brightness and cheerfulness to your style? Keep on reading for our styling tips on what to wear with your neon skirts.

  1. Opt for a neon shade of skirt that flatters your skin tone.

chambray shirt with neon yellow skirt

coral skirt with white top orange skirt with chambray top yellow skirt with pink blazer

When choosing neon colored skirt, always opt for the neon shades that emphasize your best features. Pick the neon shade that goes well with your skin tone and hair color as no matter what today’s trend may be, the color for your body becomes trendy only when it suits you well. For instance, if you have a pale complexion, then yellow and orange will not look good for you so resort to the brighter shades of neon pink or cobalt blue that looks flattering on you. Also, cobalt blue tones highlight blue eyes, while acid green or neon pink will make you stand out in the crowd.

  1. Pair your neon skirt with neutral colored tops and tights.

black leather jacket with hot pink skirt neon yellow skirt with black top white top with hot pink skirt white top with red skirt and cap toe shoes

Do not make all your outfits in the neon color. Instead, wear black or white top together with your neon skirt in order to bring the bold and bright hue into balance. Black top with black tights always work as you can choose any neon color for your skirt and you’ll get a fascinating look. Since neon colors are extremely bold and eye-catching, they tend to make anyone look heavier than they are. Neon on the bottom half is not that acceptable in most cases, especially if you do not have a slim figure in the thigh area, then you will highlight the imperfection even more. So, if you have a pear figure, just wear the neon color on your top part, while an hourglass or straight body type woman can wear neon on whichever zone she likes, especially neon skirts.

  1. Add some trendy touch to your style with printed tops paired with neon skirts.

brightly colored skirt with striped top printed blouse with neon yellow and cream blazer red crepe angled slit pencil skirt with printed top striped top with neon yellow skirt

Wearing printed tops with neon skirt can easily look overdone, so be cautious on picking your prints. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may simply stick to the black-and-white stripes that look neutral compared to colorful floral prints, brushstroke graphic prints, as well as loud novelty prints that will look too flashy on your street style. Just stick to neutral colors on your prints or have some hint of neon that matches the color of your skirt for a coordinating look.

  1. Wear a muted blazer or jacket to tame your brightly-colored skirt.

denim jacket with neon skirt gray blazer with green skirt and blue bag hot pink skirt with military jacket

Remember, wear neon skirts if you wish to define your bottom part as the shade will indeed attract attention first of all. You may think of pairing your neon skirt with simpler and softer tones, especially blazer or jacket, so that there is a contrast. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear neon skirts at office, in an interview, or during any other business related activities as you won’t look professional and smart in those colors. Instead, save your neon skirts on informal occasions, as well as other events that demand high fashion attire.

  1. Wear the unexpected color combination on your outfit.

neon yellow top and neon blue skirt pink and yellow outfit

You may think of wearing the unexpected color combination in your outfit like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. An outfit consists of a yellow sweater with a neon blue skirt, as well as a pink top with a neon yellow skirt, look fashion-forward and trendy. Just pair your outfits in taste and combine colors that you feel will look great together. You may also stick to the color blocking rules, and you’ll do it right. When wearing the neon shades intentionally, think twice. If you do not want to catch too much attention, never opt for these shades, since neon will always make you visible from afar.

  1. Opt for brightly-colored accessories with your neon skirt for a trendy look.

cobalt blue skirt with orange bag purple skirt with metallic silver pumps white top with neon yellow skirt and cobalt blue sandals

Once you start feeling comfortable wearing your neon skirt, you can go on adding matching accessories or even neon colored accessories to make your look more intentional. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may think of a pair of cobalt blue sandals to wear with your neon yellow skirt and white top or an orange bag to clash with the color of your cobalt blue skirt and metallic top. This selection of colors can change your entire look as long as you put the outfit together in a clever way and wear matching accessories in an appropriate quantity.

When wearing neon skirts, be sure that you can go out confidently without worrying about an over-colored look. Once you feel comfortable with them, you will be able to show off your trendy street style with confidence.

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