How to Style Your Mini Bags

Who thought that a fashion accessory so small could be just so hot? Trendy and cute, mini bags are some of the creative works of designers that dominated the catwalks during the fashion week. If you haven’t got one yet, then you should get it straight away as you are missing out the cutest trend of the year! Keep on reading for stylish ways to style your mini bags.

Go for a functional and stylish mini bag.

black mini bag with brightly colored outfit

white sgtructured mini bag with boho chic outfit sling mini bag with casual outfit chic mini bag with casual chic outfit casual outfit with chic mini bag and loafers

Typically more compact and lighter, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders when you’ll try on the mini bags, especially if you got used to the utilitarian functionality of a bigger bag. However, some of your basic essentials may not fit in these bags so they’re more practical for a casual walk or a chic party. For a functional purpose, look for a mini bag that has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can wear them like a sling bag or go for a round shape that can be so easily held in your hand. Since the fashion designers did their best to give the mini bag the appearance of a jewel, these cute bags are functional and stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Keep it neutral.

black mini bag with casual outfit mini bag with pastel outfit and oxfords boxy outfit with mini bag black mini bag with festive outfit

Neutral shades of black, gray, white, and brown can make your mini bag versatile enough to wear with any colors of your outfit letting you partake on the cutest trend in many stylish ways. Just go for a simple, plain, textured, and mini bag with enough space to carry some of your basic essentials maximizing their functional and stylish purpose.

Team your bag with the color of your outfit.

blue coat with chic mini bag and loafers red mini bag with lace top and shorts pastel outfit with cute mini bag mini bag with black shift dress cute mini bag with statement hoodies and skinny jeans

For a coordinated look, you may think of teaming the color of your mini bag with the color of your outfit. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may wear a pastel mini bag with your pastel outfit, but add some interest to your look by incorporating some cute and interesting details on your bag like a cute and brightly colored key chain to pull your overall looks together. This way, you can dress up or dress down your mini bags for a more personalized street look.

Add a pop of color to your simple outfits.

pastel pink mini bag with striped coat and jeans yellow mini bag with structured outfit and knee high boots red mini bag with edgy outfit pink mini bag with casual outfit pink mini bag with casual jeans and chiffon top

Neon yellow, orange, lime green, cobalt blue, hot pink, red, and even some shades of pastel can be great to add some interest to your outfit, especially if you’re not a fan of wearing brightly colored outfits. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, resort to a red mini bag if you feel your traditional casual outfit in neutral shades seem too dull and boring. This way, you’ll bring the life back on your street style.

Make your mini bag a part of your trendy statement.

animal print coat with cute mini bag and oxfords white dress with blue patent boots and orange mini bag printed mini bag with feminine outfit mini bag with eclectic outfit chic mini bag with oversized coat and printed skirt

Trendy statement like oversized coats, avant-garde silhouettes, architectural structures, eclectic outfits, unexpected color combinations, mixed prints and such can still be spiced up by the selection of your mini bags. To do this, go for a mini bag that complements the theme of your outfit so you’ll make your accessory an intentional part of your trendy outfit. Catering for all tastes from the most extravagant to the urban woman looking for comfort and versatility, the mini bag is a must have for this season.

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