How to Style Your Denim Culottes for Spring

Ankle-grazing and voluminous, culottes are perfect for the spring season giving you breezy, relaxed, and effortless vibe. If you think of those pants as dowdy, slouchy, and lower-abdominal exaggerating, let’s debunk spring’s trickiest-seeming trend and its incredibly bad rap with our styling tricks.

  1. Chambray Shirt with Denim Culottes

denim culottes with chambray shirt

denim top with culottes and jacket denim on denim outfit denim culottes with denim top and lace up heels

Canadian tuxedo or denim-on-denim outfit can be great to look trendy for the spring. Just trade your boyfriend jeans and skinny trousers with a pair of denim culottes to refresh your casual outfit. Whether you’re going for the same shade of your denim top and bottom or the contrasting ones, make sure to add interest into your look with its textures. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, think of a pair of denim culottes with frays, rips, or even patches to make it look different from your denim top. Also, remember that a great pair of heels like a feminine lace up sandals will keep the trendy look grounded.

  1. Black or White Top with Denim Culottes

black tank top with denim culottes white top with denim culottes and canvas sneakers denim culottes with white top

Looking for a minimalist way of wearing culottes? Then wear it with a plain black or white top. Wearing it with a black tank top in silk fabric will balance the edginess of your faded and distressed culottes. On the other hand, cottony white top will keep your culottes just casual and relaxed with an effortless vibe compared to skinny jeans and leather leggings. Just pick a flattering neckline for your plain tops, especially V-necks, to make your style fashionable while keeping its minimalist look.

  1. Striped Top with Denim Culottes

rainbow striped top with denim culottes striped tee with denim culottes

Looking for creative way to add interest into your look? Then wear your striped top with a pair of denim culottes. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldridge, you may even think of a rainbow striped top to add some colors to your look in subtle yet trendy way. The, go for a pair of clogs or sandals in the matching shade of your stripes to keep your look cohesive and coordinated. Going for an A-line style of culottes, resembling the fit and structure of A-line skirt, can be more flattering to wear with your dressy crop tops.

  1. Relaxed Top with Denim Culottes

black off shoulder top with denim culottes oversized top with denim culottes loose off shoulder top with denim culottes

Draped tops, slouchy tops, and relaxed tops can be a great match for your denim culottes depending on what style you’re aiming for. For a boho-inspired and casual look, copy Michele Krusi’s style of wearing a pair of denim culottes with an oversized peasant top making her outfit a bit trendy and laid back. Looking for a breezy feminine look? Then be inspired by Margaret Zhang of wearing a loose off shoulder top with her denim culottes making her street style a bit feminine yet with an edge.

  1. Leather Jacket with Denim Culottes

cropped leather jacket with denim culottes leather jacket with dneim culottes and canvas sneakers leather jacket with denim culottes and clogs

When wearing denim culottes, always keep your proportions in mind and your pants have to hit above the ankles. To balance its proportions, you may go for a cropped leather jacket that will make your legs look longer and will balance the billowy silhouette of your pants. If you’re not a fan of cropped tops, then simply go for a pair of high-waist culottes like Danielle Bernstein did, making her bottom complement her edgy top.

  1. Coat with Denim Culottes

wool coat with denim culottes and classic pumps statement coat with denim culottes denim culottes with trench coat denim culottes with leather coat

Despite its billowy structure, denim culottes can also be great to wear with your coats as long as you go for shorter coat lengths, making your culottes peek through stylishly. Do yourself a favor and venture away from the ubiquitous skinny silhouette this spring as culottes will surely make your looks statement making. With our styling tricks, you can now make your spring street style more fashionable and effortless instantly.

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