How to Style Your Denim Crop Top

When it comes to spring fashion, there’s one look we just can’t get enough of, the crop tops. If you’re still not sold on crops, you can always wear it with a high-waist bottom or a camisole underneath. Denim crop tops are going to be all the rage this year, so keep on reading for our styling guidelines on how to wear them.

Wear the Canadian Tuxedo or denim-on-denim outfit.

denim crop top with blue skinny jeans

denim cropped jacket with jeans denim crop top with wide leg jeans

Denim-on-denim outfit, or commonly referred as a Canadian Tuxedo, has been a fashion faux pas but now considered as a fashion-forward statement. When wearing the look, create some interest by opting for different shades and textures of denim. For instance, you may think of wearing a denim crop top with fray and keep your denim jeans plain and chic. Or, simply opt for a cropped denim jacket and a pair of low waist jeans to show a hint of your midriff, therefore making your denim-on-denim outfit a bit daring and intentional.

Go for a chic, sleek, and polished style.

denim bandeau top with culottes denim crop top with white skinny jeans denim cropped shirt with white jeans denim crop top with high waist skirt

If you think a denim-on-denim outfit is only for a casual street style, you’re wrong as you can always make it look chic depending on what are you going to wear with them. Like Kendall Jenner, simply team your denim crop top with a white pair of skinny jeans and heeled sandals to make them chic at the same time effortless. If you don’t own a denim crop top, then simply crop your denim shirt by knotting the loose ends of your shirt letting your midriff peek through.

Make your denim crop top classy and feminine.

denim crop top and jeans with trench coat denim top and high waist shorts with bandana scarf denim crop top with mesh skirt and cute shoes denim crop top with high waist pants and belt

If you’re not a tee-and-jeans type of girl, then simply opt for a chic and classy style of denim crop tops and wear it with dressy bottoms. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may wear a denim corset top with a dressy pair of high-waist pants to create the look of a jumpsuit, especially if you’re not a fan of showing off your midriff. Or, simply top your denim-on-denim outfit with a classic trench coat that will instantly make your street style classy. Also, you may opt for lightweight and classy denim fabrics in feminine cuts like fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein did, to make your casual street style feminine and classy while keeping that effortlessly cool vibe.

Go for an eccentric and unexpected street look.

white top with cropped denim jacket and red jeans denim crop top with edgy pants denim crop top with a dress

If you think denim crop tops are only for skirts, pants, and shorts, you’re wrong as you can actually wear them with dresses for an unexpected look. Also, a borrowed-from-boys look can be complemented with a lightweight denim crop top as long as you keep your bottom piece and shoes edgy. Or, simply wear a brightly colored jeans with your denim cropped jacket like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did, making your street style exceptional and colorful while staying true to your personality and aesthetic.

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