How to Style your Blazer this Autumn

The temps are getting chillier and chillier by the minute as autumn sweeps by the horizon. Of course, this means a shift from skin-baring summer outfits to stylish yet comfy attires for autumn. Although this is the case, you need not worry about succumbing from a bad fashion rut as these tips on how to style your blazer can help you create fabulous looks for fall.

Put it Over Your Shoulder

Contrary to popular beliefs, you need not a lot of style tweaks when it comes to how to style your blazer this autumn. Sometimes, it’s as easy as draping your coat over your shoulder! This simple yet sophisticated way of wearing your blazer is perfect for office days when you want to emerge as a power dresser. It’s ideal for casual days as well, as this styling can add a bit of elegance into your laidback outfit.

snakeskin blazer

printed blazer blue blazer

Play with Color

Autumn is a beautiful season, yet its colors can be boring at times. If you want to create a fall outfit that’s as cheery as your summer ensembles, then wear your blazer with colorful pieces. It does not necessarily have to mean a bright top or perky bottom, as an attention-grabbing necklace or carryall bag will do the trick as well. In fact, this is one of the best ways how to style your blazer this autumn, especially if you are longing to get out of a boring, monochromatic style rut. A splash of vibrant colors will surely make you the school or office darling.

blazer with colorful outfit black blazer and yellow dress blazer with printed dress

Scarf it Over

Yes, a blazer can save you from shivering. But if it’s not enough to keep you warm, you need not worry. A functional way how to style your blazer this autumn is to top it off with a scarf. You can opt for a thicker one for colder days, although you can switch to lighter scarves whenever you can tolerate the cold outside. With a blazer and scarf combo, you can combat the chilly fall days in style.

peach blazer and scarf blazer with floral scarf tweed blazer with scarf

MAXImize it

A blazer is usually reserved for formal outfits, but you can wear it with casual pieces as well. If you want a fun way on how to style your blazer this autumn, then pair it with a maxi skirt. This is one of the smartest ways to incorporate the best items from the recent seasons. In fact, this marriage of summer and autumn staples can help you create a trendy transitional outfit.

black blazer with violet maxi skirt blazer with striped maxi skirt black blazer with maxi skirt

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