How to Style a Pantsuit

If you are a full-fledged power dresser, then you know the importance of suiting up (in what else but) a pantsuit. If the usual styling has become too boring your taste, then here are new and exciting ways on how to style a pantsuit.

Be Colorful

Without a doubt, a black, navy, or beige pantsuit offers a classic look. But if you are tired of looking traditional, then wearing color is one of the best ways how to style a pantsuit. It can be red, fuchsia pink, even yellow! As long as you wear it with neutral layers – bags and shoes even – you will definitely look funky, not tacky.

blue suits

yellow suit

Go for Prints

Opting for a printed style is one of the best ways how to style a pantsuit. A plaid one is a safe way to settle with prints, while florals and what not are good if you really want to stand out from the crowd. Pair your printed pantsuit with sexy, strappy heels and you’ll surely turn heads in no time.

floral suit printed pantsuit printed suit outfit printed suit

Show Some Skin

A pantsuit can be swelteringly hot, so why not cool off by showing some skin? Wearing your suit all alone – without an inner layer – is advisable, as long as your bosses are not against it. If you can’t wear this style to the office, then you can always rock it during a gala event or a posh dinner. Now you know how to style a pantsuit even if you’re not headed to the office.

deep v suit sexy pantsuit

Go Cropped

Showing some skin does not necessarily mean that you should bare your bosom. You can follow this popular summer trend – without exposing your all – by going for a suit with cropped pants. Not only will this help you maintain an elegant vibe, it can help you cool off as well. Best of all, you can take this outfit to after-work drinks – since all you need to do is remove your suit. Voila, you immediately have a stylish yet casual attire to drink with friends.

cropped pantsuit cropped suit

Give it a Kick

While heels, oxfords, and loafers are perfect for pantsuits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t kick it up a notch – literally! If your office is not so strict when it comes to shoes, then wearing yours with your favorite sneakers is one of the creative ways on how to style a pantsuit. Not only will you be very comfortable, you are sure to look very youthful as well!

suit and sneakers suit with sneakers

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