How to Style a Black and White Outfit

Black and white has always been a classic color combo. It’s foolproof and never out of style. It’s one of those color combinations you can turn to when you don’t have much time to plan for another one as it is guaranteed to look good on anyone, no matter what skin tone, body shape or even age. Pulling off a black and white outfit isn’t as easy as you think, though. You’ll want to be careful so your look doesn’t come off too bland or boring and that’s where styling and accessorizing comes in. Knowing what to do with a black and white outfit to make it stand out makes all the difference in the world. With different colors and accessories added to a black and white outfit, you get different looks as well. Here are some tips on how to style a black and white outfit.

  • Two-toned all the way – one good thing about wearing a black and white outfit is that you can wear this color combination on its own without having to worry about it being too plain. If you want to sport this two-toned look all the way, you can add accessories that are either black or white in color as well, including your purse, shoes and jewelry. It’s a great way to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go plus it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

pure black and white

all the way bnw all black and white

  • Add a pop of color – Now, if you’re the type who can’t last a day without sporting at least one bold color in your outfit, don’t worry. Because both black and white are neutral colors, it’s super easy to add in another (bright) color in the mix. In fact, adding one is a surefire way to make your outfit even more fun and exciting. Limit it to one color, though. You’ll want to make it look like a legit pop of color and not just some random colors thrown in with a black and white outfit. Make it as loud and bold or as subtle and soft as you like. It all depends on your own personal style.

black white and red pink with black and white

  • Wear it on prints and patterns – another way to style a black and white outfit is to wear the colors in patterns or prints. This is perfect if you don’t like wearing too many plain solid pieces in one look or if you simply want more interesting details in your outfit. Some really popular black and white prints include stripes, polka dots, zebra prints and checkered patterns but feel free to sport any black and white print that you have in your closet.

floral black and white dress bnw print on print

  • Play with texture – think just black and white together makes a boring outfit? Well think again! Black and white, when done right, is one of the most gorgeous colors you can wear for any kind of outfit and one way to keep it from looking boring is to wear these colors in different textures. Black leather and white lace, for example, is the perfect way to mix sweet and sexy into one look. Play it up with textures and you’re sure to get gorgeous outfits every time!

leather black shorts black sequined skirt sheer bnw skirt


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