How to Streamline Your Closet

Getting a great style sometimes lies in an organized and streamlined closet, for where you draw your everyday pieces from. If you’re a woman with a minimalist fashion style, you wardrobe may consist of mostly black, white, and grays. On the other hand, a woman with a trendy fashion personality has an eye for trendy-yet-not-timeless pieces, colorful coats, neon-colored skirts, and graphic dresses that might be sitting in her closet for a long time. Regardless of your style choice, we all need a streamlined closet to create a fashion-forward style. So, keep on reading to scoop some easy tricks when getting a closet cleanse.

Get a closet cleanse.

architectural top with culottes

leather joggers with bomber jacket graphic print sweater with jeans floral print top with purple skirt boho chic outfit

A closet cleanse involves saving a garment for treasure, handling it to a tailor, or tossing it. Generally, you must avoid anything that falls under a trend or has an easily identified print that will date you. If you have a printed blouse or dress, think of you can refresh the look by teaming it with your other pieces like blazer, skirt, jeans, and such. If you got some favorite items like a pair of jeans or a dress that seems too big for you because you’ve lost some weight, think if a tailor can do some tricks for you. If not, it’s time to toss them rather let them sit in your closet for another year to come.

Keep the timeless and good-fitting pieces.

cuffed pants with sweater and button down shirt turtleneck sweater with coat skinny jeans with wool coat gray business suit with coat fisherman sweater with skirt and lace up flats

Timeless classics like a white shirt, wrap dress, lightweight coat, turtleneck sweater, leather jacket, jeans, black pants, pencil skirt, V-neck top and such are pieces you can wear forever since they’re versatile and flattering. Apart from being the best match for a blouse, an a-line skirt is universally flattering and it helps create a waist. Also, a V-neck top is slimming and creates the illusion of height as you’re directing the eye to go up and down rather than side to side.

Create a capsule collection for seasonal clothes.

floral print coat with knee boots winter coat with urban outfit striped athletic pants with winter jacket military coat with boho outfit indian dress with statement accessories

There are clothes in our closet that can be considered as seasonal like a puffer coat, fur coat, wool coat, swimsuits, and such that you can only wear in a specified time of the year. Also, you may have some outfits rooted from tradition or ones that you only wear during holidays that you might want to separate from your daily outfits. By creating a capsule collection for seasonal clothes, you’ll save time and space that will help you create a more fashion-forward style in your everyday life.

Organize your closet by colors, kind, or style.

striped tee with blazer and straight leg pants striped outfit with vest pink coat with boots checkered coat with red jeans asymmetric skirt with coat

Depending on your preference, you may organize your clothes according to colors just like hanging the black pieces on one side and jewel tone pieces on the other side of your closet, or arranging them according to its type whether it’s a dress, skirt, jeans, tee, or blouse. By heeding our simple advice, you’ll be able to streamline your closet in no time and create a more cohesive and polished style on your everyday look.

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