How to Stick to the Minimalist Look in Fall

If going minimalist is your thing, you may find that the look gets harder and harder to achieve as the temps continue to drop. Doing the minimalist look means making do with as little as possible and opting for styles that are as simple as possible, too. If you love the cleanliness and the simplicity of the minimalist trend, check out these tips on how to stick to the minimalist look in fall.

  • Stick to a neutral palette – one of the easiest things you can do to stick to the minimalist trend is stick to a neutral color palette. You’ve ignored all the crazy, loud and funky colors of spring and summer, why stop now? If anything, sticking to a neutral fashion palette should be way easier for fall since fall is the perfect time to switch from bold colors to dark, warm and rich hues which are mostly neutral.

simple and minimalistic outfit

minimalist style neutral fashion palette

  • Choose simple silhouettes – another way for you to keep the minimalist look during fall (and winter) is to choose pieces with a simple and straightforward silhouette. Avoid anything too complicated and intricate and go for more of those clean lines. Not only will these pieces make sticking to minimalism easier, they’ll also make mixing and matching a breeze since simple pieces go well with just about anything and everything else you have in your closet.

chic and simple outfit gorgeous fall outfit sexy fall minimalist

  • Stock up on classic pieces – trends come and go but the classics always stay and they never go out of style. I personally think that anyone who aims for a fashionable wardrobe should have all the classic pieces anyway because they make a great layering base for warmer fall outfits. Some of the classics that you shouldn’t be without for fall include boots, jeans, sweaters and scarves.

fall casual minimalist outfit fall basic outfit black and white outfit

  • Pick functional accessories – another really good way to stick to the minimalist look for fall is to wear functional accessories or accessories that don’t only dress up your outfit but also serve a purpose as well. Great examples of functional accessories include hats, scarves, belts and purses. Of course, you can still wear jewelry but make sure to keep it to a minimum to ensure that you’re still on the minimalist route.

perfect minimalist chic outfit clean and simple look fall casual minimalist outfit

  • Keep details down to a minimum – of course, not everyone will is okay with a totally plain outfit and if you’re planning on adding more detail to your look like prints or patterns, you can go ahead and do that as long as you make sure that you don’t go over the top by keeping the details down to a minimum.

minimal print detail minimal print detailminimal print detail fall striped outfit

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