How to Stay Cool and Stylish on a Hot Summer Day

Staying cool and chic at the same time on a hot summer day can be challenging. We all know layering is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make any outfit look more chic and stylish but piling on more clothes when it’s blazing hot outside isn’t exactly the most practical thing to do. Thankfully, there are a ton of things you can wear to get that done. Here are some tips on how to stay cool and stylish on a hot summer day.

  • TRY THE OFF SHOULDER TREND – the off shoulder trend is going to be big this summer and I think it’s a really pretty look that anyone can and should try to pull off. Off shoulder tops and dresses are great if you’re going for a sweet and subtly sexy look. What’s even greater is that this shoulder-baring look keeps you perfectly cool on a hot summer day.

off shoulder white top and jeans

off shoulder printed dress

  • GO SLEEVELESS – sleeves can be annoying if all they’re doing is making your pits sweat up. If it’s super hot outside, why not go sleeveless? It’s perfect for keeping your cool and it’s perfect for showing off those perfectly toned arms that you’ve worked so hard on as well. A sleeveless sheath dress would be great for the office. If you’re looking for something more casual, go for tank tops or sleeveless crop tops. There are lots of sleeveless pieces you can wear to look great and keep cool.

sleeveless knotted top sleeveless tuxedo vest sleeveless white dress

  • SLIP INTO A SLIP DRESS – who would’ve ever thought that wearing slip dresses out in public would be acceptable? Boudoir dressing has been one of the trends from the past summers that’s making a comeback today and what better time to wear one that on a blazing hot summer day? Wear it with heels for additional glam or with Birks for a more casual and laidback feel. If you want more coverage, you can top it off with a light and sheer kimono cardigan, too!

slip dress hat and birks slip dress maxi length slip dress with floral print

  • WEAR SHEER – another trend that you could try to help keep you cool and stylish for summer is the sheer trend. Sheer clothing is just so much more breathable so it’s lighter and airier and it’s best for really hot summer days. You can choose to go fully sheer or opt for just sheer panels instead, incase you want more coverage. Check out these chic and gorgeous ways to wear and effortlessly pull off sheer clothes.

sheer kimono style jacket sheer skirt and corsette

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