How to Start Shopping Smart

The word value often gets confused with price. However, the price of something and the value you get are not the same. Some stores are saying you’ll get more savings in a discounted item, but that thing is only true if you would have bought the item at full price without a second thought. If you’re a clearance junkie who would love to start shopping smart, keep on reading for our guidelines.

Start with the need not with the wants.

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Start figuring out what you need by looking at what you have, not at the store, but in your own closet. If you’ve found an area of your life that you feel is lacking, figure out how you can complete these areas by using clothing items you already have. Also, figure out which pieces you will need to buy, not the pieces you want to buy so you’ll create more outfits. However, figure out first if it will fit in your closet and lifestyle before placing it on your shopping list. Also, think how many ways can you wear it or how many items will it fit with so you’ll maximize your budget and wardrobe at the same time.

Prepare a shopping list and carry it with you.

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Clearance junkies lean on the sales without thinking what they need. On the other hand, having a list sets you on a mission. If the store does not have what your re looking for you can simply move on to the next place. This way, you won’t be tempted to buy items that you don’t really need.

Look at the material, cut, and fit before looking at the price.

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When going shopping, avoid the clearance rack. Before looking at the price, look for the high-quality material, perfect fit, flattering color, and see if it fits your style and lifestyle. Though the best value items are clothing pieces we might pay an arm for, we wear them constantly and they last much longer. If you opt to shell out the cash, take care of it to make it last for years to come.

Unsubscribe to store e-mails.

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The best way to kick your craving is to stop putting the candy in the dish right in front of you. Remember, stores know how to write e-mails that get shopper buy things. Although you can still sign up to 2-3 of your absolute favorite stores, unsubscribe from most of them so you won’t be tempted to buy things that you don’t really need or want. By developing a sense of your personal likes and dislikes as it relates to personal style and needs, you can build a closet you love and not just full of budget focused clothing.

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