How to Shop for Cute Shoes When You Have Wide Feet

Shopping for shoes is one of the things a lot of women like to do but when you have wide feet, shopping for shoes can sometimes be more frustrating than fulfilling. Women with wide feet find it harder to shop for cute shoes, sandals and other footwear because most of the cute designs are meant for narrower feet. If you always experience this, check out these tips on how to shop for cute shoes when you have wide feet.

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  • CONSIDER BREAKING THEM IN – if you found a cute pair of shoes that you really like and you find them just a teeny tiny bit too small for your feet, buy them and try breaking them in once you get home. Shoes tend to ‘expand’ a little bit when broken into and this process makes for a more comfortable experience. Do note, however, that the shoes need to actually fit when considering this move. Shoes that do not fit cannot be ‘fixed’ by breaking in.

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  • AVOID NO-STRETCH FABRICS – still in line with breaking shoes in, another tip for shoe shopping when you have wide feet is to avoid shoes made of fabrics that don’t stretch. Fabrics such as patent leather don’t stretch well while suede and soft leathers do. Do your research on the best shoe fabrics for wide feet and look for those when you go shopping.

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  • KNOW THAT SHOE STRETCHING IS A THING – yes, shoe stretching is a thing and there is a machine called a shoe stretcher that stretches your shoes without ruining them. If you happen to find a pair that you really like but are a tad too narrow, ask your local shoe repair shop if they can stretch them out for you. You can also buy a shoe stretcher spray if you want to do it yourself.

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  • KNOW YOUR BRANDS – knowing which brands make great footwear for wide feet can help you shop better if you have wide feet. Do your own research, ask around and try on different brands whenever you’re out shopping to see which brands are good. Once you know which brands to look for, shoe shopping will be a breeze.

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  • CHECK THE HEELS AND TOES – when shoe shopping for wide feet, you should always check the shoes’ heels and toes as these are the parts that matter the most. Round toes give feet more wiggle rooms which means they’re great for wider feet. As for the heels, remember that the chunkier the heels are, the better. Wide feet need all the support they can get so go for chunkier heels.

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