How to Shop Ethically (Without Breaking the Bank)

The ethical fashion movement is advancing, and we all want to be on board. High-quality clothes and the humane treatment toward artisans make us women think to start shopping ethically. If you’re a woman who values quantity over quality, you might think of ethical shopping. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to shop ethically without breaking the bank.

Start by creating a budget and shopping calendar.

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Know the ethical stores you want to shop at, and make a list of the things you want from there. Creating a shopping budget for yourself will drastically cut down your impulse spending because you’ll be more conscious of what you are actually buying. A shopping list is important and your “to buy” list should correspond with a calendar to allowing you to plan out exactly when you want to purchase those items and how long it will take you to save up for them.

Make investments in quality.

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If you’re making the commitment to start shopping ethically, be prepared to shop a lot less. Remember, when you’re investing in quality items, your purchases will last years, and you won’t have to replace them. The foundational clothes to your wardrobe are the best items to really invest in. Just choose fashion staples that are timeless, flattering, and trend-neutral as these are the items you can wear every day, and you can build upon them with statement pieces. However, pay attention to the details and construction of the garment especially the quality of the stitching, weight of the fabric, and brand.

Shop locally.

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Parisian women look so effortless and stylish all the time. Do you know that they shop secondhand and at local boutiques? Or, consider the designers and boutique owners who have to compete with fast-fashion companies every day. Remember, shopping at boutiques allows you to support your community and the pursuit of locally owned business.

Think of secondhand shopping.

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Thrift stores, consignment shops, and vintage shops are probably the most affordable options to shop ethically and ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with different styles while still shopping responsibly. Vintage shopping may me more expensive, but it’s a great way to find statement pieces like one-of-a-kind 1950s party dresses and such. With these options, not only do you have access to a massive variety of unique and affordable clothes, but you can also score some seriously high-quality items for even less than fast-fashion chains.

Trade fashion pieces with your stylish friends.

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Before tossing your pre-loved clothes or going shopping at the malls, remember that one woman’s trash is another’s treasure, so you may think of trading fashion pieces with your stylish friends. These items will be like new to you, and they will have been well-loved by someone you love. Remember, recycling clothes is a great way to be ethical about fashion. Though changing your shopping habits takes time, by following our guidelines, you’ll become a conscientious shopper without breaking the bank.

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