How to Rock Your Neutral Shoes

Not warm or cool, neutrals are designed to work with other colors that let you change your accent pieces with a great backdrop. Neutral shoes never get out of style, simply because they’re so versatile and can go with everything. Without getting into too much color theory, neutral colors are known as being black, white, gray, and shades of browns, like tans, beige, sand, and creams. Looking for inspiration on how to rock neutral shoes? Keep on scrolling for a few suggestions for how to pair different neutral shades with a variety of other colors.

To justify that the term “neutral” isn’t synonymous with “boring,” have fun, and try your neutral shoes with several different colors. The key is all about the balance and proportion to whichever color scheme you’re choosing.

black pumps with all black outfit

black and gold ballet flats with striped outfit black shoes with casual chic outfit classic pumps with polka dots dress

You may have heard that even neutral black shoes don’t work well with pastels since it creates high contrast. For instance, if you were wearing a pastel dress and accessories and the only black in your outfit was a pair of black pumps, then that wouldn’t work. However, if black appears repeatedly throughout the outfit just like wearing all-black, black prints, or even a single black shade in your outfit, then it can be a stylish complement to your theme. On the other hand, a light gray even in pastel category harmoniously blends with black shoes. On the contrary, red, blue, purple, turquoise, and green are complementary shades of black, and white or bright shades create a dramatic statement when paired with black.

gray boots with sweater dress metallic silver pumps with striped pants and navy top metallic silver shoes with casual chic outfit

The great thing about neutral shoes is that you can mix and match them with nearly anything, ranging from an all neutral outfit to neutral accents for a bolder statement. When wearing light gray, dark gray, or metallic silver shoes, keep in mind that these neutral shoes blend harmoniously with black, white, and gray as well. On the other hand, grays create a dramatic statement when paired with whites and other bright accents. Dark gray shoes are complementary with navy, dark red, purples, and mid to dark yellows while light gray or metallic silver shoes are complementary with delicate pink, light purples, chartreuse, and light to mid yellows.

bow shoes with gray outfit white pumps with striped pants white pumps with tartan skirt and leather jacket white pumps with white jumpsuit white shoes with checkered top and pants

Although a neutral color, white will go great with any other color, but if you’re wearing a bright red on your outfit, wearing white shoes might only call too much attention to your footwear. So, for a more balanced approach, it may be better wear bright red with white shoes and a white tee, or at least a white belt or bag. All whites, creams, or grays blend well with white while bright shades with white just make a dramatic contrast. On the other hand, any light neutral, pastel shades, or other white accents complement with white.

nude pumps with tulle skirt nude pumps with black dress nude lace up heels with red and white outfit nude heels with tartan jacket and white dress brown pumps with classic outfit

Shoes that are the same color as your skin like nude shoes is as exception to the “well-balanced outfit” as when the color of your shoes is closely matched to your skin tone, then your shoes, in effect, disappear making you free to wear whatever you want with them. For instance, a dark red dress with a black belt won’t work with white shoes because they’re too bright for the rest of the outfit. This way, you can wear nude shoes to neutralize the contrast. Nude, beige, tan, and brown harmoniously blend with any shades of browns and creams, while black or navy makes a dramatic statement when paired with them. Beige or nude shoes are complementary to medium pinks, greens, purples, and turquoises, while tan shoes complement with any mid-tone shades. Also, brown shoes are complementary to mid to dark earth tones like greens, rusts, and burgundy.

leopard boots and shawl with casual outfit cardigan with leopard pumps animal print shoes with cute dress

Leopard print shoes are considered as neutral shoes as they go well with everything. Composed of black and brown spots, they indeed make a statement even when paired with simple outfits. Free free to match them with any ensemble you like as they’re highly versatile and stylish compared to other animal prints.

As you have seen, neutral shoes are not boring and blunt. Make advantage of these fashion tricks to rock your neutral shoes in a stylish and creative way.



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