How to Rock the Boyfriend Trend with a Feminine Twist

Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer, boyfriend jacket – everything seems to be inspired by boyfriends today and whether or not you actually have a man in your life, there’s no doubt that you have, at least once, tried the trend out. If you found it a little too macho and masculine for your liking, though, or if you simply haven’t given this trend a go and are curious about it, you should definitely check out these tips on how to rock the boyfriend trend with a feminine twist.

  • DO IT WITH PRINTS – perhaps one of the easiest ways to give your boyfriend trend inspired look a more feminine twist is to do with prints aplenty. Adding colors and prints to your look is a surefire way to inject a nice and light feminine touch.printed floral blazer and bf jeans
    printed polka dots bf shirt
  • PAIR UP YOUR BOYFRIEND PIECE WITH SOMETHING GIRLY – planning on sporting those cool boyfriend jeans? Wear it with a cute and dressy top to balance out the look and keep it from being too manly or masculine. Boyfriend jackets paired up with chic pencil skirts make a great statement outfit. You can also try the boyfriend blazer, skinny jeans and heels combo.girly off shoulder top and bf jeans girly boyfriend look
  • SNEAK IN SOME POP OF COLOR – wearing the boyfriend trend and keeping a neutral palette for your look at the same time can be a little too… well… norm core and masculine and if you’re not the type to let go of your girly side under any circumstance, what you can do to make sure you still get a feminine twist to your boyfriend-inspired look is to sneak in some pop of color. This will give your outfit a more feminine touch.pop of color in boyfriend trend look pop of color perfect boyfriend jeans
  • ADD CHIC ACCESSORIES – another way to inject a more feminine look and feel to your boyfriend inspired look is to add chic accessories to your outfit. You could be wearing boyfriend jeans with a slightly oversized shirt and still look fab and girly with sexy heels or a posh purse. You can also opt for statement jewelry instead of you want something a little subtler to add that girly vibe to your look.outfit chic accessories on simple bf look
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR HAIR AND MAKEUP – making sure your hair is done and your makeup is on point is another way to keep yourself from looking like a proper tomboy when channeling the boyfriend trend.

hair and makeup look for boyfriend fashion trend hair and makeup to go with boyfriend trend

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