How to Rock an Oversized Blazer

Blazers are nothing new but there are always new ways to wear them. Today, one of the most popular ways to wear a blazer is to go big with it and sport an oversized one. If you’re not used to wearing oversized clothes, though, you may have some trouble trying to get comfy with it and not letting it overwhelm you but don’t worry because it’s quite easy to pull off. If you’re looking for something to spic up your everyday looks, check out these tips and ideas on how to rock an oversized blazer.

  • TOMBOY STYLE – for women who are used to looking sweet and girly all the time, the tomboy look might be something you’ll only wear when you’re absolutely required to (even then you may have to tweak the look a little and incorporate some pink here and there) but try to explore this style more often. It’s very comfy and is great for days when you just want something that’ll let you let loose with your looks. Adding an oversized blazer to your tomboy look will help give it that put-together vibe.

tomboy style oversized blazer outfit

tomboy style outfit tomboy style with cropped pants

  • MINI COAT – don’t feel like going out with a heavy, full on coat? Take your oversized blazer and throw it on as a mini coat instead. This will look perfect when you have on a mini dress, a sweater dress or an outfit that’s about as long as your oversized blazer. Playing with lengths like this can really help you pull off the look successfully and achieve a streamlined silhouette.

mini coat and slip dress mini coat and striped mini dress mini coat with shirt dress

  • POLISHED BOHO CHIC – now, if you’re all about mixing comfort and style together, why not try going for a more put together look like the polished Boho chic? The Boho chic look is usually very laidback and easy but you can make it look polished too. Go for a slightly oversized blazer and throw it on top of a maxi dress or a maxi skirt and you have yourself a street style snap worthy look.

boho glam boho inspired outfit boho look

  • BALANCING ACT – another trick to pulling off an oversized blazer is to make sure that the rest of your outfit isn’t as loose, oversized, slouchy or frumpy. This will help you keep a balanced outfit and will keep you from looking sloppy. Not everything has to have a skintight fit but at least make sure they’re not too baggy as well unless you’re going for the next look.

balanced look balanced silhouette balance outfit silhouette

  • HOBO CHIC – the hobo chic look is unique and is a tricky one to pull off. You’ll want the whole outfit to look intentional instead of looking like a major slob. To make this happen, you’ll need to put lots of attention to detail. Go ahead and pair up your oversized blazer with something loose, oversized or ripped but you have to jazz it up with accessories and details including your hair and makeup.

hobo polished look hobo inspired look hobo chic inspired look

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