How to Revamp Your Basic Pieces with Noor De Groot

Your basics may be timeless, but with a lack of creativity and stylishness, they easily look plain and boring. Mind behind the Queen of Jet Lags blog, Noor De Groot is an Amsterdam-based style blogger known for her fashion-forward and creative looks featuring the most basic pieces in your wardrobe. If you’re stuck in a style rut, keep on reading to get some tricks on how to revamp your basic pieces.

Belt your ensembles to change its look.

bandana belt with off shoulder romper

denim dress with bandana belt and off shoulder top button front skirt with off shoulder top

Stylish accessories, especially belts, can change your look entirely. Just go for a color, style, and size that can do the tricks for you. If you’re creative enough, maximize your bandana scarf by wearing it as a belt that will give you some effortlessly cool vibe. Also, think of chain belts, metallic belts, gold belts, oversized belts and such that can give your basic pieces a fresh look.

Wear your button-down shirts creatively.

button down shirt with frayed skirt sheer shirt with black shorts button down shirt with pencil skirt

Button-down shirts may sound classic and basic, but you can actually revamp your look by wearing your shirts in a trendy way. Letting it hang loose, doing the half-tuck style, and styling the high-low look can make your classic piece a trendy one. Like Noor, add some unexpected vibe to your chic feminine style by wearing your pencil skirts with half-tucked button-down shirts, or make your street style a bit chic by dressing up your frayed skirt with a button-down shirt.

Mix sporty pieces with chic ones.

sneakers with red dress varsity bomber jacket with leather skirt and lace up heels striped athletic pants with pastel coat

Sporty doesn’t have to look like you’re heading to the gym. To make everything look sleek, team your sporty pieces with chic ensembles. Like Noor, trade your pair of skinny pants with a pair of striped athletic pants that will dress down your pastel coat, or resort to a bomber jacket to soften your leather outfit. This way, you’ll make your street style fashion-forward at the same time attainable.

Layer like a pro.

graphic print slit dress with denim jacket and turtleneck slit checkered skirt with layered top shirtdress with sweater robe dress with printed pants knitted dress with lace skirt

In the colder months, creative layers are a must to keep you warm at the same time stylish. Like Noor, be unique by wearing a sheer dress with a knitted dress, robe coat with printed pants, and a button-down shirt with a sweater that will make you wear your favorite pieces more often. Wearing your basics with other basic will change your overall look, therefore, no one will notice how often you wear them in a week.

Refresh your basic pieces by wearing them with trendy items.

tropical print shorts with pastel coat paperbag waist pants with polka dots blouse mesh top with checkered pants jeans with color blocked sweater fringed skirt with statement sweater

If your basic pieces are mostly plain and neutral, think of spicing them up with a few trendy items. Like Noor, spice up your gray sweater with a fringed skirt and your classic checkered pants with a mesh top that will look trendy instantly. By following these simple tricks from Noor, you’ll surely make the most out of your basic pieces and make your street style more creative.

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