How to Repeat Outfits Like a Pro

In the perfect fashion world, repeating an outfit would be a crime. In real life, though, it is a must. Not everyone can afford the luxury to buy gorgeous new clothes at a whim and never repeat outfits ever. It’s just not practical and, even if it was, don’t you think it would be a complete waste of good clothes? Being stylish does not have to be expensive. Sometimes, the best looks come from repeating something that was good and putting a twist on it to create something great. Here are a few tips on how to repeat outfits like a pro.

  1. Wait a while – nothing is wrong with repeating an outfit a few times but make sure to wait at least a week or two before you do so, especially when you’re repeating the whole, exact set. This will give you enough time for other people to “forget” about the outfit for a while, especially if you’re repeating with the same crowd like the workplace.chic casual outfit
    basic outfit with tartan jacket
  2. Mix and match – repeating an outfit does not always have to mean wearing the exact same set all the time. Sometimes, all you really need to get away with repeating an outfit is to switch out a piece or two from the previous set with something new to get another look that’s unique and stylish.monochromatic gray outfit kendall jenner cute dress with brown shoes and bag
  3. Style pieces differently – another way to pull off repeating outfits multiple times is to style the pieces in your outfit differently each time. A plain t-shirt, for example, can be worn tucked now and then tied / knotted later. Jeans, too, can be worn like regular pair one day and then cuffed or rolled up the duty style
  4. Wear different accessories – accessories can make or break your look so use them to your advantage. Simply switching up the accessories that you wear with an outfit can give it a whole new look. Your bag and your shoes are the major accessories you’ll want to switch up when repeating an outfit.simple outfit with good accessories office outfit idea
  5. Layer up – adding layers to a look that you’ve previously worn can also help you get away with repeating an outfit. This is an especially useful styling trick that you can do when repeating outfits this winter. Topping off a repeated outfit with a gorgeous coat, for example, can help create a stylish new look effortlessly.white off shoulder top
  6. Change up your hair and makeup – this is a really simple thing that you can do to make repeated outfits look fresh and new. If you wore that outfit with an updo last time, try wearing your hair down this time. Changing up your makeup (fierce to natural and vice versa) can also help lots.yellow dress with all black look


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