How to Redefine Your Thrift Shop Fashion Finds

Fashion is not just about labels and expensive finds. Sometimes, the best styles come from thrift shop fashion finds. If you are a fan of these vintage goodies, then here are some tips that can help you redefine your thrift shop fashion finds.


For some reason, overalls are always included in most people’s thrift shop fashion finds. And why not? These western-inspired, childhood-reminiscent clothes are making a fashion return. In case you come across a great pair of vintage overalls, don’t hesitate to get it! Better yet, upgrade your look by wearing it with a ‘mature-styled’ top. A good example is the polka-dot button-down top, such as the one worn below:

overalls and button down top

If you want to totally embrace a vintage style, then pair your overalls with a breezy, off-shoulder top. With this pairing, you can look (and feel) cool all at the same time.

white off shoulder op rihanna jumpsuit outfit

Flannel Top

A flannel top is one of the best thrift shop fashion finds you can ever get your hands on. Simply put, they’re perfect for all seasons, especially this summer. For a cool, hip style, layer your flannel top with your favorite get-up. Crop top and leggings, or a simple top and shorts, the possibilities are endless with a flannel top.

flannel top outfit flannel top and shorts

Seeking Hollywood inspiration? You can do it like Miley, and wear your flannel top as a cover-up for your cute mini-dress.

miley flannel top and dress

Long Button-Down Dress

A button-down dress might not be considered stylish by everybody, but it is actually the opposite! In fact, these thrift shop fashion finds are some of the most versatile pieces you could ever find. You could wear this vintage dress in a number of ways.

Want to stay simple this summer? It’s a s simple as wearing your long button-down dress in a stylish bralette.

white button down dress

You can also wear your button-down dress as a vest. Take inspiration from the outfit below, with the dress worn together with a lace top and ripped shorts.

floral button down dress

Vintage Trousers

The past has been making a comeback, as evidenced by the resurfacing of 80’s fashion pieces. A good example is the high-waist trouser, a treasure to include in your bounty of thrift shop fashion finds.

Vintage trousers are perfect for work wear, although they can be worn for casual events as well. For this example, it’s as simple as wearing it with an oversized topper and a crop top.

vintage trousers outfit

If you really want to stay true to your quirky summer style, then wear your vintage trousers with a fun, printed top and a cute bandana, such as the picture shown below.

floral top and vintage trousers

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