How to Pull Off Sheer Clothing

With the heat of the summer sun only getting hotter and hotter by the day, I’m sure we could all appreciate a good trend that will allow us to look chic while also feeling comfy and cool. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why sheer clothing is so hot and on trend right now. Sheer is great if you’re the kind who likes to show off some skin here and there but what if you’re the opposite of that? Here are some tips on how to pull off sheer clothing successfully and with style.

  • CREATE A STATEMENT PEEK-A-BOO – if you’re going all out on the sexy look and you’re going to expose what’s underneath that sheer top, it’s best to go with a pretty piece underneath to make it look like a design you meant to create and make a statement out of. A lovely printed corset style top or an embellished bralette would make a great statement piece underneath a sheer top. It’ll make the rather revealing pieces more forgiving as well.

statement piece underneath

statement cage bra and sheer top statement under piece

  • MAKE IT LOOK INTENTIONAL – another way to pull off sheer clothing, especially when it’s totally sheer, is to make it look intentional. Now, there are plenty of ways to do this but the easiest and most classy by far is to wear something underneath that matches the color of your sheer top. So, if you have a black sheer top, go for a black cami or tank top underneath.

intentional sheer look intentionally sheer

  • PICK PRETTY PRINTS – if plain and solid sheer pieces are too overwhelming for you, you can always opt for printed sheer fabric. Having prints on them will make your piece look less naked and therefore less overwhelming. What’s great about this is that you can choose how ‘heavy’ the print is going to be so you get a say on how much skin is exposed.

printed sheer dress printed sheer floral skirt printed sheer top and shorts

  • DISTRACT THE EYE – another great way to wear sheer if you’re overwhelmed by the plain and solid kind is to wear it patterned or embellished. Adding details to sheer fabric distracts the eye. This is a great alternative to printed sheer pieces when you want something a little dressier and more posh.

distracting the eye from sheerness distracting the eye with texture gorgeous sheer outfit

  • WEAR IT WITH LAYERS – if you’re wearing sheer bottoms, chances are that they come built in with a more opaque piece underneath but if not or if you’re looking for ways to wear sheer without coming off as totally sexy and racy, layers is definitely the way to go. If you want a subtler take on the trend, wear it underneath a shorter piece. If you want the sheer piece to be the focal point of your look, you can wear that on top instead and wear something longer underneath.

layered sheer lace dress layered outfit with sheer top layered outfit sheer maxi vest

  • BE SUBTLY SULTRY – love the sexy look of a sheer piece but not sure you can entirely pull it off? Try wearing pieces with sheer panels on them instead of the plain and totally sheer ones. It’s a great way to add a subtle hint of sultry sexiness to your look and a perfect way to wear sheer pieces during the day as well.

panel dress outfit panel skirt outfit


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