How to Pull Off Colored Leather with Style

When the word leather comes to mind, what color do you usually imagine? Is it something neutral like black or brown? Yeah, me too. I guess that’s because it’s the usual color of leather that we see in the stores, on TV and movies as well as in magazines. However, there’s more to leather than just black, brown or white. Colored leather is a double edged sword. It could either make you look cheap or super stylish. Here are some tips on how to pull off colored leather with style.

  • STEER CLEAR OF COLORS THAT ARE TOO BRIGHT – if you’re wearing a lot of leather as in a jacket or a dress, steer clear of colors that are too bright. Neon colors are great for summer but not if you wear them on leather. Try opting for colors like blue, red or green when wearing major leather pieces.

maroon leather jacket

blue leather tank top

  • TRY TWO-TONED PIECES – if you really want lots of color to your look and you want to wear leather to achieve that, why not try rocking a two-tone piece? Black and yellow makes a great color combo for a leather jacket while blue and red pretty much go with every other color so it’s easy to spot two-toned pieces that use these colors in the palette.

two toned leather jacket two toned leather pants

  • USE IT AS YOUR SPLASH OF COLOR – got a plain and simple look that you want to liven up and brighten up? Use your colored leather piece to add a splash of color to it without it being too overwhelming or over the top. Make sure that the colors you have on the rest of your outfit are either in contrast or complementary to the color of your leather piece.

splash of color magenta jacket pop of color leather skirt

  • COLORED LEATHER ACCESSORIES – getting away with colored leather, even the brightly colored ones, is easier when done with smaller items like purses, shoes belts or even hats. If you’re planning on sporting a bright leather piece, do it by wearing it as an accessory instead of your main outfit. By doing this, you leave more room for more pops of brightness throughout your look.

bright yellow bag bright pink shoes

  • WEAR IT WITH A MONOCHROMATIC LOOK – monochromatic outfits look so much better when different textures are combined and leather is one of the best textures to work with when trying to pull off a monochromatic look. If you have a bright colored piece of leather waiting to be worn, pair it up with other pieces in the same color to create a gorgeous monochromatic look.

monochromatic outfit monochromatic red outfit

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