How to Pull Off Bright and Bold Print Patterns

Get ready to break out all things bright and colorful from your closet because spring is right around the corner. If you missed wearing fun prints and playful color combinations, I’m sure you’re very excited for spring, especially the fashion and style aspect. If, on the other hand, you’re wishing winter never ends so you can continue to wear the darker colors of the season because you’re not too keen on wearing a ton of color, then perhaps these tips on how to pull off bright and bold print patterns could be of help to you.

  1. Go all out – it doesn’t matter if you’ve done it before, when it comes to wearing bright colors and bold prints for spring, going full on and all out is the way to go. Don’t worry about going a little over the top, it’s all part of the fun! One important thing you need to do is to go all out with confidence and really own your outfit and wear it like you mean it.all out print galore
    all out with prints
  2. Pick prints that are in season – Damask and paisley are pretty and all but they’re not exactly the fun kind you’d see all over the streets and the runway during spring. Florals, for example, are always perfect for spring. season print tropical theme season spring floralsRainbow stripes are hot and on trend for the season and so are multi colored polka dots so give those a try.
  3. Anchor them down to neutrals – if you feel like spring’s colors and prints are a little too much for you to handle, you can always create a tamer look by anchoring down your bold prints with neutral colors.neutral top with bold print high waist skirt neutral coat and bold prints
  4. Pick a theme – another really cool way to wear bold prints this spring is to pick a theme to go with and create your outfit around that. Feeling girly? How about sporting some graphic florals? If you’re feeling like wearing something abstract, you can always go for those print patterns, too. there are so many print designs out there that are fun, bold and perfect for almost any theme you can think of .themed green outfit themed blue and gray
  5. Wear it as your statement – don’t feel like going all out or rocking bold prints from head to toe? That’s fine. You can always just wear one piece with a bold print and make that the focal point of your look to help you create a stylish statement. Keep everything else simple and minimal to really pull all the attention towards your bold prints.statement outerwear statement print dress


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