How to Pull Off a Choker 7 Ways

Chokers are one of the hottest trends in accessories right now, and while they’re nothing really new, there’s no denying that we’re all head over heels for this little piece of accessory. What makes a choker so fab is that, though it be small, it create a strong statement on your outfit and turns even the simplest look into a really chic and trendy one. If you’re looking forward to wearing the trend, check out some of the chicest ways to pull off a choker here.

  1. Tie-around choker – if you think a choker is too dressy for the everyday cool and casual look that you are trying to achieve, you don’t have to skip it altogether. Instead, simply opt for the tie-around kind. These have much more of that laid back look to them, perfect for daily OOTDs.wrap around black choker
    wrap super nude choker
  2. 90s Grunge – want a surefire way to get away with a choker? Go for a 90s grunge inspired look. Chokers are quintessential to the 90s grunge look so it’s a great excuse to start wearing one. You can also add a touch of modern glam to your look if you don’t feel like going too far back into the 90s.grunge fall 90s look grunge style outfit with black choker
  3. Start simple – as with any trend, if you feel like you are a bit intimidated or overwhelmed, you can always start small and simple before you go big and create a bold statement. As for chokers,a nice piece to start out with is a plain black band that you can wear with virtually anything — from everyday tees to more posh office looks.basic simple choker black band miranda kerr basic outfit with simple choker
  4. Stack it up – now, if you feel like you can call yourself a pro with chokers, it’s time to take it to the next level by going big and stacking up chokers and necklaces to create a unique and interesting look that you can own. Of course, you can always take a shortcut by going for pre-layered choker and necklace sets instead of trying to figure out which pieces work best with each other, too.layered chokers on gigi hadid layered choker basic and dainty style
  5. With an off shoulder top – chokers add a very slight and subtle sexy vibe to any look and if you want to amp up the level of that vibe, you can try accessorizing an off shoulder top with a bold choker. This combo is failsafe and is guaranteed to give you that sexy model off duty shoulder balloon style top with matching choker off shoulder flirty top and choker
  6. Glam lux – gold choker? Rose gold? Diamond studded? Gem encrusted? All these are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to a simple piece of accessory such as the choker. If you want to glam up a plain look, these kinds of chokers are your best bet.glam choker diamond rihanna glam gold choker
  7. Color Coordinate – make your choker blend in with the rest of your look by color coordinating. This doesn’t mean you have to get all matchy and monochromatic (although we’re not stopping you if you wanna do that). You can also try wearing a choker in a color / style that contrasts your OOTD.color matching green choker colored choker and colorful tube top


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