How to Pick the Perfect Sweater for Your Shape

Sweaters are perfect for layering your clothes this fall, but they’re actually one of the timeless pieces that you can wear season after season and build the backbone of your closet. There are turtleneck sweaters, lightweight sweaters, V-neck pullover sweaters, and casual hoodie sweaters that can keep you warm and stylish this fall season. However, you must go for sweater styles that flatter your body, therefore conceal your flaws and accentuate your best assets. So, keep on reading for our styling tricks on hoe to pick the perfect sweater for your shape.

Hourglass Body Shape



Since you got that ideal body shape with perfect proportions, your goal is to show off your well-defined waist. Skip those boxy sweaters that tend to make you look square and wide. Also, long sweaters visually shorten your lower body and can make you look stumpy. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you may opt for a fitted sweater that will go well with high-waist bottoms to elongate your frame. Also, nipped in, belted, or even wrap sweaters create a smooth silhouette on your hourglass body.

Pear Body Shape

chic-top-with-green-midi-skirt-and-statement-clutch striped-top-with-chic-shorts full-miniskirt-with-sweater-and-tights

If you have a pear body shape, your goal is to draw the eye away from your wide hips by adding interest and creating curves on top. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a striped sweater to enhance your top and high-waist shorts to balance your bottom part. You may also go for wide or rounded necklines as well as sweaters with shoulder, chest, neckline and sleeve details. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may balance your figure with a boxy top that floats away from your body and a high-waist full skirt to smoothen your curves.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

sweater-with-metallic-brown-skirt tulle-skirt-with-burgundy-sweater

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, your goal is to soften and draw attention away from your wide shoulder line and make it look narrower. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may still opt for a fitted sweater, but balance it with a billowy skirt like a metallic accordion skirt. Soft and free-flowing fabrics smooth your curves while thick and rigid fabrics add bulk. Also, nipped waist and flared skirts from the waist and down helps to fake hips.

Apple Body Shape

camel-sweater-with-jeans sweater-with-metallic-accordion-skirt knit-sweater-with-coat-and-ripped-jeans

If you have an apple body shape, your goal is to slim down your mid-section and draw the eye upwards. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, skim over your midsection with an empire waist or loose and long sweaters. You may also get some structure on your shoulders to keep the eye on your upper body and away from midriff. Or, opt for sweaters that float away from your waist.

Rectangle Body Shape

striped-sweater-with-leather-skirt gray-boots-with-mustard-sweater-and-printed-skirt

If you have a rectangle body shape, your focus is to break up your silhouette to create curves from waist and waist down. A nipped waist and flaring from the waist and down can be great to add some volume to your frame. Also, various prints, textures, and details from the bust and up. Just keep the definition of your waist regardless how loose your sweater and bottom piece are. Remember that a neckline can either widen or slim down a chest. While V-neck is the most flattering of all the necklines, it might not work for women with long necks, oblong face, and pointy and prominent chin. On the other hand, the straighter and rounded the neckline is, the more volume it gives. By following these tricks, you’ll be able to pick the most flattering sweater for your body shape that will take you this fall and for more seasons to come.

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