How to Pick the Statement Boots for Your Personality

Statement boots are great to spice up your street style. Some have bold colored shades, quirky prints, and even eclectic details that will add some uniqueness to your fashion style. However, picking a pair of statement boots that suit your personality perfectly may be a challenge for all of us. So, keep on reading for our stylish picks that you may find flattering and perfect statement boots for you.

  1. Translucent Heeled Boots

translucent blue heeled boots with sheer black dress

leather dress with statement translucent boots transucent red boots with shift dress transluscent wedge boots with casual chic outfit translucent-combat-boots-with-studded-body-con-dress

Modern and edgy, translucent heeled boots can make a statement without being flashy in bright shades or metallic studs. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, add some edgy vibe to your sexy sheer black dress with a pair of translucent patent boots perfect for street style and girl’s night out. You may also go for a printed dress that matches the color of your boots to create a coordinating and cohesive look. These boots are great for women who wishes for and edgy style without resorting to leather ensembles and statement-making styles without wearing flashy colors.

  1. Animal Print Boots

animal print boots with borrowed from boys outfit snakeskin print boots and shorts with white turtleneck sweater snakeskin ankle boots with denim jacket and wide leg pants snakeprint boots with casual outfit

Fierce, exotic, and daring, animal prints like snakeskin, leopard, zebra, or even giraffe can make your street style edgy and bold. You’ll be amazed how they can flatter any outfits on your wardrobe as those animal prints are versatile and neutral. Like our street style stars, you may go for a pair of snakeskin boots with delicate detail of prints so you’ll look effortlessly chic even you’re just wearing your most basic outfits like a bomber jacket, tee, and jeans. These boots are perfect for daring and fashion-forward woman who wish to look sexy and edgy without showing too much skin.

  1. Floral or Novelty Print Boots

floral print boots with eclectic outfit star printed boots with edgy outfit quirky print boots with knitted tunic and jeans patriot print boots with casual outfit floral print boots with pink coat

Finding ways how to look eclectic and quirky on your fashion style? Then go for floral print or even novelty printed boots like flag-inspired, stars, hearts, and other quirky prints that can show off your mood and personality. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, think of a pair of red novelty print boots with your knitted tunic top and casual denim jeans for a trendy street style.

  1. Edgy Boots

edgy cut out boots with coat ans white dress black-dress-with-leather-jacket-and-edgy-boots striped dress with edgy boots statement boots with leather outfit statement boots with kimono

Whether your edgy pair of boots has metallic studs, spikes, or slouchy details, they can make your typical outfit edgy instantly without looking grungy or rocker-ish. Like Micah Gianneli, you may think of a blocked heeled ankle boots with metallic studs to wear with your knitted outfit and a motorcycle jacket. If you wish, you may also go for embroidered or embossed thigh-high boots like Anabelle Fleur wore, but be careful if you have heavy thighs and thick legs.

  1. Dr. Martens or Combat Boots

combat boots with layered outfit polka dots dress with statement boots hot pink outfit with statement boots combat boots with military coat and turtleneck top

Dr. Marten boots and combat boots can instantly give a retro vibe with 80’s punk style with a little bit of glam, and edginess. Combat boots are now in a wide range of styles that can suit eclectic looks, edgy looks, retro looks, as well as grunge styles. Add some cheery vibe by opting for combat boots in unexpected shades of pink, mustard, metallic silver, yellow, and even red while neutral shades of combat boots will keep your style grounded and simply retro.

  1. Suede Boots

fringe suede boots with chambray shirt and jeans suede boots with blanket scarf suede boots with bohemian outfit

Looking for a bohemian pair of boots? Then simply opt for a pair of suede boots. Though fringe and tassels are a trademark of the bohemian fashion, suede boots in any design will give you a touch of a carefree and wild spirited vibe without going overboard. Just stick to the earthy shades of rust, camel, and red-orange for a surely bohemian look.

  1. Brightly Colored Boots

color blocked boots with casual outfit neon yellow boots with tweed outfit metallic purple boots with edgy outfit metallic gold boots with patent pants and black coat

If you have a trendy fashion personality and wish for a pair of statement boots, go for brightly colored boots in the colors of neon yellow, metallic pink, orange, metallic gold, or even color blocked style. These statement boots will surely make some pop of color to your head-to-toe neutral outfits.

  1. Modern Boots

thigh high boots with knitted dress statement boots with black outfit pointy boots with leather skirt and turtleneck net boots with metallic silver pants and black top turtleneck top with asymmetrical skirt and statement boots

Looking for a modern and fashion-forward statement, then go for modern boots with architectural style, pointy toe, boxy heels, and even creative design to show off your artistic vibe. Indeed, statement boots should be perfect to show off your personality and moods not only with the clothes you’re wearing but also to your pair of boots.

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