How to Pick the Perfect Leather Jacket for You

This fall season, you need to start looking for some suitable garments for the cold weather, securing the stylish and functional looks. Leather jacket is one of the most stylish outerwear options, enabling you to create edgy looks with any type of garments you might think of. However, picking a leather jacket is one of the basic yet challenging tasks to do as you have to blend it with your personal style, body shape, and preferences to be able to build up the most harmonious outfits. So, keep on reading for our basic guidelines.

Think where you going to wear your leather jacket to pick a flattering and functional style.


green-leather-jacket-with-yellow-pants black-leather-jacket-with-feminine-dress-and-bow-heels

In order to find out the exact style of leather jacket you need, you should figure out the main places where you might need to wear it to. If you’re aiming for a colorful and trendy style, you may opt for a leather jacket with crocodile motifs like Kristina Bazan’s wearing which will look great with your colored pants. On the other hand, if you’re exposed to public transport every day, you might need the elongated warmer options leaving the shorter bolero-type alternatives for those who just want to add something edgy for special occasions.

Opt for a style and fit that flatters your body shape.

architectural-outfit-with-leather-jacket edgy-leather-jacket-with-trousers-and-statement-boots patent-leather-jacket-with-fall-outfit

Dressing your body shape is the key to looking fashionable at the same time functional on your looks. Women with the hourglass body should opt for tight-fitting jackets, which will accentuate their womanly curves perfectly, while straight figures look more flattering in detailed and contoured styles of jackets. Zippers, buckles, studs and other elements can add some interest, but you may also go for cinched waist and peplum to add some volume to your frame. Pear shaped women should go for jackets with a fitted waist and a voluminous top to balance their frames. For apple body shapes, elongated forms of leather jackets are more recommended to visually elongate the look and hide the belly.

Go for a right shade of leather jacket.

chevron-striped-skirt-with-orange-leather-jacket cobalt-blue-leather-jacket-with-shorts cropped-leather-jacket-with-skirt-and-boots

When picking a shade of a leather jacket, think of your clothing combinations and skin tone to give you the best choice. Picking the classic chocolate brown, black, tan, and camel-beige options with lengths around the hipbone are quite suitable and great. If you wish to go for by the seasons, summer are great for bright colored jackets while saturated darker colors are more suited for fall and winter months.

Think of outfit combinations you’re planning to wear with your leather jacket.

leather-jacket-with-plum-top-and-edgy-pants yellow-dress-with-leather-jacket-and-fringed-clutch leopard-print-skirt-with-leather-jacket

One more thing that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t pick a jacket that limits your movements if you’re going to wear them with a sleeved top, thick sweater, or a loose blouse. Your leather jacket should be free and comfortable with any outfit, so think of what outfits you’re going to wear with them. Remember, the sleeves should not go up when you lift your arms. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to pick the perfect leather jacket for you.

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