How to Pick the Perfect Color to Wear to a Job Interview

Apart from being competent and qualified for the job you’re applying for, colors that you choose to wear leaves and impression which can make or break your professional image. We’ve all had a job interview at one time or another and while we carefully iron our clothes that morning, think of the colors that can actually give you a good impression to your our prospective employer.

Think of what do you want to communicate when choosing your colors.


necklace-with-nautical-chic-outfit gray-suit-with-clogs

Remember, the colors you must choose will depend on the industry you’re interviewing for, and the position you’re after. Though black and white combination looks classy, you may go for blue shades that evoke trustworthy impressions. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may consider a striped blue-and-white skirt teamed with a button-down shirt that can be perfect for creative workplaces. While your blue ensemble says you’re trustworthy, your white top will keep you crisp and fresh and says you’re organized.

If you want to appear more approachable then choose a medium shade of blue, teal, or brown.

blue-coat-with-suede-shoes olive-green-office-outfit-with-blazer navy-sheath-dress-with-button-down-shirt

Blue, teal, or brown lowers the contrast and makes you appear more conciliatory and friendly. On the other hand, a light blue is friendly and safe while dark green is fresh and reassuring. However, deep shades of brown can work if you’re in a caring profession. Brown is seen as dependable, non-judgmental and down-to-earth, but it is not appropriate in the finance or law sectors. Overall, bright colors are seen as fun and that you like to attract attention, but may not be your best option for a job interview as they aren’t seen as trustworthy, unless you work in the children’s services sector, where they may be seen as more appropriate than black or other dark colors.

Choose dark gray over black for a sophisticated and reputable appearance.

bow-scarf-with-sheath-dress-and-blazer pussy-bow-blouse-with-straight-leg-pants tuxedo-blazer-with-suit-and-white-top

Though black is a powerful and timeless shade, it’s not necessarily the best choice for an interview as it can create a barrier and is unfriendly unless you team it with a blue top which conveys trustworthiness. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may instead consider choosing a shade of grey that’s on the darker side for a sophisticated and reputable appearance without the harshness of black.

Save the purple, pink, and red shades on more creative environments.

purple-coat-with-classic-shoes necklace-with-peach-dress-and-white-blazer dark-red-penncil-skirt-with-collared-top

Rather than wearing all neutrals, simple pop of shades can really help you to be remembered by your interviewer. When going for a job interview, especially on conservative offices, avoid colors such as orange, yellow, and hot pink as they are seen as more creative and risky. You can wear subtle shades of purple and pink in creative environments, but they typically rife with potential problems. We associate it with femininity which in some positions will work, but for many it can subliminally be considered weak, which is not what you want to convey in an interview. Also, red is a power color, but if you’re not careful, it can be seen as arrogant.

By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to create a good image for your job interview and get more chances of getting the job.

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